10 Tips For Corporate Golf Outings

Wisconsin Resort Offers Great Advice For Golf Newbies

1) Learn The Lingo (and what not to say)

In a corporate outing nearly all “tournaments” are scrambles. This is not an egg dish before the game. It simply means everyone hits and then the team picks the best shot and all players play the next shot from there, the team will repeat this process until they finish the hole. This format is great because it takes the pressure off the novice/first time golfers, more times than not, someone will hit a good enough shot to get to the next shot.

Other important terms to familiarize yourself with (Kunash recommends googling “basic golf terms” to get familiar with the golf lingo):

  • Birdie
  • Par
  • Bogey
  • 90-degree rule
  • Tee box
  • Fairway
  • Green
  • Golf etiquette (not talking during someone’s swing, where to stand, etc.)

Also, sometimes silence is golden. Learn what not to say, such as “great shot.” Don’t say anything until the ball stops. Things happen when the ball is still moving. Sometimes not good things.

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