T.P. Talks Golf: Tiger, Kooch And Bad Rules

One Pro’s Take On What's Happening In Golf Now
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Editor’s Note: T.P. Talks Golf, introduced here for the first time and in the coming May-June 2019 print issue of Golf Tips will be a bit different, not necessarily discussing conventional golf treaching from Top 25 Instructor Tom Patri. It will be more versed in areas like course management, what he’s seeing currently on various Read more…

For Big Golf Power, Rotate And Release

‘Punch It’ And Get Stronger Shots

Powerful tee, fairway metal and iron shots aren’t just the domain of tour pros. Big golf power is within reach of every golfer if you know how to train your swing to create the conditions for long, straights shots time after time. This lesson will bring those conditions into play, and soon, if you’re willing Read more…

Straighten That Right Knee In The Backswing

Changing Its Flex Is What The Great Players Do
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All those years of hearing that it’s good to maintain some right knee flex (for right-handers) during the backswing? Forget about it. Extending the back leg (losing flex) and flexing the left knee forward during the backswing is a necessary motion to make an effective and powerful backswing pivot. It allows the hips to turn Read more…

How to Avoid the Most Common Golf Injury

Lower Back Pain Is No Joke, But It’s Preventable
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Golf is a unique sport because you can often participate even if you’re not as physically fit as you once were. That said, golf isn’t always an injury-free sport. Low back pain is the golf injury you’re most likely to sustain. Luckily, it can be avoided. The following tips will help. Warm Up Golf may Read more…

How To Hit The High Pitch

It’s All About Set-Up, Speed, Release!

The high pitch shot, especially a mid-distance one, can be one of the toughest for amateurs to master. You need enough speed to send the ball far enough, but enough trajectory to stop the ball on the green quickly and softly. But it doesn’t have to be a tough shot. Follow my prescription for mastering Read more…

Going Deep At The Pebble Beach Golf Academy

Longtime Teacher Laird Small Puts Complete Learning First
pebble beach golf academy

Editor’s Note: This story on the Pebble Beach Golf Academy originally ran in the Fall 2015 issue of Golf Tips Magazine We all know it’s true: If we’re paying attention and passionate about what we do, we’ll gain a wealth of wisdom over the course of our lives. Laird Small, affable Director of Instruction at Read more…

How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball

We have all heard the phrase, “Keep Your Head Down!” Some people might say, “Keep your eye on the ball.” They say this so we do not top the golf ball. It is one of the five old wives’ tales of golf.  In fact, it is the NUMBER ONE Old Wives’ Tale. It won’t help Read more…

Bump Your Way To Proper Swing Plane

No less an authority than Jack Nicklaus, as well as my teaching mentors Mike Austin and Dan Shauger, all believed that if the first move in the downswing was to move the weight into the lead foot it is absolutely impossible to release the club too soon. But it’s how we move to the lead Read more…

Keep The Lead Hip Firm For A Solid Swing

For More Power, Avoid Sliding Toward Target

One of the most prevalent issues that I see with my students is sliding the left, or lead hip (right-handed golfer) too far toward the target in the downswing. Most of us, when we first started playing the game, were told to hit against a firm left side. When the left hip moves well past Read more…

Diamond Resorts Tournament Promises Big LPGA Lessons

Celebrities Can Learn A Thing Or Two At New Event
diamond resorts tournament featured

The hype leading up to the inaugural Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions, which kicks off the LPGA 2019 season Jan. 17-20 at Tranquilo Golf Course at Orlando’s Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club, has been relentless, fun and justified. There’s nothing else like it in golf. Actually, it’s actually two events in one, featuring 26 Read more…