Get On The Golf Club Face Case

Fix This Simple Flaw And You’re On The Road To Improvement

I’ll often ask folks who come to my practice tee if they could master anything about the golf swing, what would it be. You can imagine some of the answers I get — shoulder turn, weight transfer, balance and tempo … all reasonable requests for sure. Few mention the golf club face itself. During my Read more…

Golf Alignment Stick Secrets

10 New Ways To Use A Popular Training Aid

Who would have ever thought that an alignment stick would become a golfer’s must-have accessory? You can now find an alignment stick in almost everyone’s bag, regardless of their handicap. But alignment sticks are not just for alignment. An alignment stick can be used for improving a golfer’s swing and ball flight. So if you Read more…

Tour Stars Talk Fear, Focus And Peak Golf Performance

Faith Figures Heavily In These Players’ Success

Editor’s note: In January, Hawaii-based mental game and performance coach and author Cary Valentine interviewed several Tour players at the Sony Open — major winners Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink, Champions Tour standout Kenny Perry and PGA Tour veteran Anirban Lahiri — about how they prepare mentally and spiritually for competition and keep focused on Read more…

The Key To Clean Chipping Contact

No Sitting Around When There’s SOLID Chip Shots To Be Made

Inconsistency in chipping is one of the game’s great bugaboos, leading to all sorts of issues around the green — skulls, tops, chunks — that ultimately do serious damage to your scorecard. The secret to striking the ball the way you want to, again and again? Let’s just say this: Maintaining your “lean” is the Read more…

Top 25 Teacher Jeff Ritter Slates Golf Coaching Event

Arizona’s Whirlwind Resort Hosts March 30-31

Make The Turn Performance founder and Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Jeff Ritter is running a two-day coaching event at Whirlwind Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona, March 30-31. This is a program for players that are ALL IN on developing a next-level action plan to maximize scoring potential in 2019. Ritter is also a Golf Read more…

Dustin Johnson Golf School Gets Even Bigger

The New Teaching Facility Will Help 20-Time PGA Tour Winners and 20 Handicappers Improve Their Game
dustin johnson golf school

The world’s soon-to-be-No.-1-golfer (again) has just christened a brand new instruction facility at his namesake Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach. “I couldn’t be prouder of the golf school and its growth,” Johnson said. “Golf has given me so much, and hopefully the school can play a role in the development of tomorrow’s Read more…

Ho-Sung Choi Golf Swing: Top 25 Teachers Chime In

Ho-Sung Choi

The Ho-Sung Choi golf swing quickly became a conversation piece on social media, drawing countless YouTube viewings and commentary across the golf media spectrum. So, Golf Tips put the question out to its Top 25 Instructors: What do you think of the South Korean sensation’s swing, including that wild finish? Here are some of their Read more…

Learn Those Sexy Golf Shots

How To Pull Them Off Like A Tour Pro

Whenever average players watch a good player play golf, they are amazed at the number of “sexy golf shots” the low handicapper, and especially the Tour pro, has the ability to play versus their own game. In fact, the better the player, the more such shots they know how to play. So why not you? Read more…

Finish Your Swing Left of the Target

Proper Set-Up And Alignment Leads To ‘Full Circle’ Swing
finish your swing jessica korda

We have all heard it. When getting information about aim and alignment, we often hear to “finish your swing facing your target.” Don’t do it — you will likely hit a shot that will not end up on line. You need to finish your swing facing LEFT of the target. Look at all the Tour Read more…

Don’t Have Your A Game? No Problem

How To Recover From Your Golf ‘Misses’
a game photo

As Dr. Bob Rotella titled his famous book, “Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect.” Unfortunately, very few golfers really accept this to be true. Instead, they go out on the course expecting perfection and their “A game” to show up, and then struggle to cope when it’s not there. I heard an interesting statistic Read more…