Tathata Golf Off To A Great Start

Program Addresses Golf’s Barriers of Time, Expense and Difficulty

Tathata Golf, the only online streaming golf training program of its kind, announced that in just six months since its introduction, it has provided more than 50,000 hours and 25 years of instruction to thousands of golfers worldwide. Tathata’s new golf training system combines the ageless teachings of martial arts with the functional movements of some the greatest golfers and athletes in the world.

The Tathata Golf 60-Day In-Home Training Program launched September 2015 and offers golfers of all levels a revolutionary online training program designed to break down the key barriers to game enjoyment and improvement: time, expense and difficulty. Tathata’s program is the world’s first in-home golf training program of its kind and provides golf training at $3 per day.

Built on the teachings of martial arts and the functional movements of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes, Tathata’s 60-Day Program is a culmination of 30 years of research and five years of testing on golfers of all ages and abilities. The program‘s “path of learning” features six chapters that golfers can complete anywhere, without golf clubs, in the recommended 60 days or at their own individual pace. The chapters cover all aspects of golf — mind, body and swing — and are available to golfers across all platforms (computer, smartphone, tablet, optional DVD add-on pack). The program retails for $179.95, includes a money-back guarantee and is available for lifetime.

bryan-helper-tathata“We are very pleased that our 60-Day program is resonating with today’s golfer,” said Bryan Hepler, Founder of Tathata Golf. “Today’s current golf instruction model is severely outdated and over time we have made golf difficult. Our training program is based not on quick fixes or highly technical methods but on the proven and functional movements of some of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes. Were Nicklaus, Hogan, Zaharias, Watson, Pele and Jordan wrong? Our intention is to bring joy back to the game and help all golfers discover and sustain their own golf greatness.”

Designed to help players learn and improve at a rapid pace, the Tathata 60-Day Program teaches each part of the game in a simple new way over the course of 60 days. Golfers easily progress through a strategically built path of learning to understand and build the movements of the world’s greatest players and athletes combined with timeless teachings from the ancient world of martial arts. Students learn how to build, store and move energy within the body, hands and arms.

In the program, golfers learn more than 140 incredibly detailed but easy to perform movements through 15 different movement routines to build their full swing, short game and putting motions. The movement routines introduce golfers to a completely new way to train and improve within the game of golf without needing to hit a golf ball or even go to the course, allowing full swing, short game and putting motions to all rapidly improve at a speed rarely seen in the game of golf but common to martial arts and other sports.

Throughout the Tathata 60-Day Program golfers also are introduced to movements of the world’s greatest major champions and greatest athletes of all-time. At the end of many of the movement routines, Tathata students are exposed to a very unique form of mental training exercises — completely new to modern sports psychology.





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