Golf Alignment Stick Secrets

10 New Ways To Use A Popular Training Aid

alignment stick ball first drill

Ball First Drill

This simple drill can make a huge difference in your ball striking. On a properly struck iron shot, the clubhead should hit the ball before hitting the ground — the divot should be in front of the ball. But for most of us, it’s all too common to hit the ground before the ball. This drill will help correct that problem.

Place an alignment stick between your feet, perpendicular to the target line, with a ball a couple inches from the end of the stick. The first step in achieving solid contact is to get the correct ball placement, which is in the middle of your stance for irons and hybrids. Once you’ve got the correct ball placement, hit a ball and check your divot location in relation to the alignment stick — it should be at or past the stick (ball). If that is not happening, take several practice swings with the correct divot location before each shot.

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