Making The Case For A Square Clubface

Use This Training Aid To Get Straight

In a golf lesson, nothing is more important to achieving success on the lesson tee than clear, concise communication between a student and his or her coach. And that includes letting a student know when he or she achieves a square clubface.

In life we use various media to communicate in a learning environment. We can verbalize, we can demonstrate, we can physically touch or move a person into a particular position.

In the golf swing, the most important juncture of communication in space and time is that instant when the club face comes in contact with the ball. That “moment of truth,” as the great teacher of the game, Dr. Gary Wiren, describes it, is only a blip in time. 

That said, during that instant the face is attached to the ball, it in fact tells the ball what to do. It communicates a variety of commands instantly. They hopefully include a properly delivered loft, center-face contact, and face direction.

The Swingyd At Address

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Setting up for address with the Swingyd. The board helps with alignment and helps train the in-to-out downswing.

Now, of course, other things are occurring (angle of attack, path, shaft lean), but the previously mentioned face-related transmissions are certainly critical to helping you achieve a successful on line golf shot.

To be successful delivering a great face condition at The Moment of Truth, one of the junctures I look at with great care with each of my students is the club face at the top of their golf swing. If the face of the club is flawed at the top, there is very little chance they will be able to manipulate it either successfully or consistently in the split second we call a downswing.

Many moons ago the late, great Jim Flick, one of golf’s legendary teachers shared with me a simple device that has become one of my all-time favorite training aids.

Through the years the Swingyd has helped hundreds of my students hit better golf shots. In particular it has taught each student how to control his or her club face throughout the swing. This has led to a much tighter-online ball flight pattern.

The Swingyd is extremely easy to use. It comes with great directions and it’s a no-brainer. Almost overnight you’ll gain a sense for exactly what it feels like to have a square club face at every critical juncture of your golf swing, particularly at the top.

Below you’ll find a great training aid resource to purchase your Swingyd. If you go online to this site to purchase one, use my last name, “Patri,” when they ask for a promo code during checkout and you’ll get a discount.

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If after you purchased your Swingyd and you have any questions at all feel free to email me directly at . I’d be happy to help you any way I can.

You are now on the way to better contact and certainly straighter golf shots.


Tom Patri is a Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Instructor in America and a Contributing Editor. Tom is also a former Met PGA as well as South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year. Tom is the Director of Instruction at The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club in Fishers , Indiana, May-October, and November-April he is based at The Esplanade in Naples, Florida. You can reach Tom via email Text 239-404-7790 Visit him at

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