6-Step Swing

Learn how chunking practice will make you a better ballstriker



Ben Hogan’s rotary golf swing is my favorite because it rotates away with the shoulders and chest, causing a slight lag, drag and load of the club right from the start. Swinging away with connection, the shoulders turning around the spine angle and supple wrists will sling the arms into orbit, hinging the wrist and setting the club upright and into its first dynamic balance point, commonly referred to as “The L”. What makes it balanced?

Done correctly, the clubhead feels light at this point. If it was over-rotated with the hands and forearms and you stopped the swing at this point to observe, you’d feel heaviness that often causes counteracting faults, like coming out of posture with excessive head movement. If you swing back too slow and tight with the hands, the wrists won’t set without physical assistance. If you shove away straight back or lift with the hands only, there’s a loss of the arms to chest connection, as well as rotary motion. Either fault causes a great amount of inconsistent timing to regain balance before impact. Notice with Hogan how his right arm is still above the left. This is a key point of reference when rehearsing and reviewing at this point in the swing—the arms maintain extension, and the club, though hinged vertical, is still in alignment with the center of the chest.

Practice this move away with a kitchen broom, feeling the body pivot, and slinging the arms and hinging the wrists into this “L” position. The heaviness of the broom head will provide instant feedback for you.

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