The Top 5 Golf Death Moves

Here’s How To Eliminate Them Once And For All

golf death moves opener

Death Move 1: Improper Set Make-Up or Ill-Fitted Equipment

golf death moves equipmentOne of the most frustrating things I see is someone whom has a high handicap with a bag full of long irons, a lady with old cut-down blades, or the player whom has grossly the wrong flex shafts and lies. Golf is hard enough with the proper equipment not to mention with an improper set make-up or brutally fitted clubs.

I am not saying that $1,000 shafts in each of your clubs is the answer, but I promise you that every little bit helps — it all comes down to budget and the amount you play. Golf is like buying running shoes, you need something that is fit to your gait and something that works for the amount of miles you put in — you don’t just pick the first pair off the rack you see!

Take the time to make sure you have clubs that are fit to the course and the ability level you have. If you play Augusta you’d better have a 60-degree wedge, and if you play a long course you’d better have hybrids or higher lofted woods rather than a 1 and 2 iron. Get my drift?

The Solution: Have your professional at your home course audit your bag for the proper set make-up. Then make sure you go through a full bag fitting with a qualified club fitter and make the necessary alterations to your clubs so they will perform optimally for you.

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