Keys To A Great Golf Stance

Find The Right Width For Maximum Power and Control

I’m a huge advocate of setting up your golf swing’s “launching pad” in a fundamentally sound condition. We hear a lot about the importance of a sound grip . We hear tons about your ability to properly align yourself to your target. We also hear how important a great athletic posture is to perform a successful motion. We often hear about the importance of ball position as it relates to quality of contact.  All those things are certainly important in my coaching for each and every student that comes to my lesson tee. The thing I think is often overlooked by many of my students, only because they don’t fully understand its effect, is the width of their feet at address — the golf stance.

The way you position your feet in your launching pad will dramatically influence how your footwork, leg work, and core performs during the swing motion.

I’m a firm believer that great athletes in all sports employ great footwork. Great running backs, great short stops, great point guards, great hockey players and great gymnasts all have wonderful footwork and understand its importance. In golf, because we set up in a static start, we have time to set our feet in a manner that will make our chances of being successful much more likely. Pay attention to your stance width!

Seems simple, right? Then how is it that in a very high percentage of my sessions with the recreational player I very often see the student handcuffed before they put the club in motion. Let’s not let that happen to you.

Here are a few of the faults I see, and a few things to understand so you’ll never fall victim again.

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