Five Ways To Get Ready For Golf Season

Ideas For A Sweet Swinging Summer
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After nearly 50 years of playing golf, I finally recognized the unrelenting folly of just loading up on range balls and beating them, one after the other, with no plan or purpose. Such mindless mashing will get you nowhere but deeper into a hole of frustration.

The old saw “perfect practice makes perfect” holds true, and we’ve got the goods to prove it.

If you need a comprehensive road map for molding a practice routine that makes sense and reaps big benefits every time out, look no further than Top 25 Instructor John Hughes’ feature, How to Practice To Play Golf.

Meanwhile, frequent Golf Tips contributor and PGA instructor Scott Yurgalevicz shows how to Practice With True Purpose so not a moment of your precious time is wasted.

Already have a solid plan dialed but need a couple specific tips to spice things up and test yourself a little? Another Top 25 instructor and LPGA Teacher of the Year, Alison Curdt, has a couple cool ideas — one involving obstacles, another a simple alignment stick.

Finally, longtime PGA Tour standout Kevin Streelman gives Golf Tips readers (and editors) his time-tested recipe for practicing like a pro.

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