Five Ways To Get Ready For Golf Season

Ideas For A Sweet Swinging Summer
golf season 2019

It’s pretty much accepted in the larger world that the Masters marks the unofficial start to the golf year. The weather in the northern reaches of the U.S. is finally trending toward the friendly side, the first men’s major on the calendar gets folks fired up (especially when a Tiger Woods wins), the days are long enough to knock out nine after work and, well, it’s just TIME to get ready for golf season.

It’s certainly time for me. After just two outings so far this year, I’ve identified more than a few gaping holes in my game that left me way beyond my comfort zone in terms of double bogeys, triple bogeys and dreaded “others.”

That said, a couple welcome holdovers from last year — a rejiggered putting stroke and a continuing love affair with my Indi Golf wedges — helped me find my way to some satisfying pars and even a couple birdies.

Not bad, but not enough. It’s never enough.

Sound familiar? If course it does.

So, join me as I take a look at five (plus) of my favorite Golf Tips features, videos and other opportunities and make a solid plan to make this summer our best yet.

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