Showcase: TaylorMade xFT Wedge

An interchangeable wedge face? Hey, why not?

TaylorMade’s most innovative offering for 2010 is the xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) wedge ($129). That’s right, you can change out the wedge’s face so you have fresh, new grooves whenever you want. Comes in 10 loft/lie combos; faces will cost $39.

The xFT has a classic teardrop-shaped clubhead with nickel-chrome plating and a pearl finish. This blend of high-quality shape and materials makes it beautiful, playable and durable.

Comes in 10 different loft and lie combinations, from 50_¡ to 64_¡. Also included is its 40-pound torque wrench.

Features a KBS High-Rev shaft that’s specifically designed to promote increased spin.

Its thin urethane layer behind the clubface ensures the face fits precisely into the milled pocket while promoting a soft feel.

The CNC-milled clubface produces a perfectly flat face and perfectly formed high-performance grooves.

ts stock face is the “Z groove” that conforms for recreational players until 2024. (The ZTP groove face conforms to this year’s groove changes). Both are sold separately.
*TaylorMade recommends Tour pros replace their club faces four times a year (some actually change wedges every week); top amateurs do it twice a year, and recreational golfers, once a year.

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