Indi Golf Rolls Out StingRay TT Wedge

Golf club design and manufacturer Indi Golf has released the new StingRay TT wedges made to provide players optimal spin, control and forgiveness.

Indi Golf's StingRay TT wedge.
Indi Golf’s StingRay TT wedge.

To increase spin, improve control, and optimize launch the wedges have been engineered with grooves that run along the entire length of the clubface. The design increases spin by 25 percent on a full swing measured using Foresight GCQuad, a press release from Indi Golf says.

Indi Golf’s ScoopBack design moved mass higher in the face and towards the toe to create maximum forgiveness. This design optimizes the location of the club’s CG, keeping the head more stable on off-center contact, improving accuracy and feel of shots, the release said.

“Indi Golf is committed to designing quality products that will help golfers perform at their best and enjoy the game more,” Rob Lang, general manager of Indi Golf, said in the release. “Our line of StingRay wedges will teach players what a great wedge game looks and feels like.”

The wedges won’t be available until April 19, but can be pre-ordered online. They range from 46 to 60 degrees in loft, and conform to the Rules of Golf and are eligible for competition use.

$159.99 – $169.99 | | Check the price on Amazon!

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