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A plethora of training aids are available today to help improve various elements of the golf swing. From building golf muscles to learning the proper swing plane to adding flexibility, it’s all covered, even putting. When it comes to training aids, it’s important to know that they must be used properly and with regularity for improvement to take place. Most importantly, though, is choosing the proper aid for your particular problem. Like a fitted set of golf clubs, the right training aid can bring significant improvement–if it’s right for you. To make sure you choose the one that’s best suited to your problem, it’s a good idea to consult with your pro and discuss his or her feelings regarding what your needs are and what aid would be most helpful. Align-Drive
Align-Drive Golf Alignment, Ltd. | Alignment, Stance | $29.95

Align DriveDescription: Two of the most common and misdiagnosed problems facing today’s golfers are poor alignment to the target and incorrect ball position in the stance. The Align-Drive is designed to help cure both of these ailments. To use it, simply pick out an intended target, assemble the Align-Drive by inserting the shaft in the hole corresponding to the club you’re using, and place the Align-Drive on the ground pointing slightly left of the target (for right-handed golfers). Place the ball on an imaginary line four to six inches away from the tip of the shaft, and place your feet in the respective positions for the club you’re using.

Special Features: Results with the Align-Drive are immediate. Align-Drive works equally well for both men and women, as well as for right- and left-handed golfers.

Contact: (800) 495-2921 (access code 02),
The Putting Arc, Models T3, MSIII, and Deluxe
The Putting Arc, Inc.
T3 – $35.95 ; MSIII – $69.95 ;Deluxe – $89.95
The Putting ArcDescription: The Putting Arc is the original training device that teaches the pendulum, inclined plane stroke used by over 95% of the modern day touring pros. It has been used by over 650 touring pros for almost 400 pro wins since its introduction in 2003, and it has also been used by the top ranked amateur, junior and college golfers in the USA. The arc itself is based on the 2300 year old math formulas of Apollonius of Perga, and it is patented and carries a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Contact: 800-898-0701,,

The Swing Glove
Dynamics Hi-Tech, Inc. | Correction | $37.95
The Swing GloveDescription: The Swing Glove guides the wrist to the proper cock angle at the top of the swing, helping to prevent the wrist from bending at all the critical points of the swing.

Special Features: The Swing Glove corrects fundamental swing flaws immediately. From the shots, to fairway, approach, and putting, the Swing Glove delivers a consistent swing for lower scores. It also helps maintain the correct wrist position throughout golfer’s swing for improved distance with greater accuracy.

Contact: (866) 469-4568, (562) 696-5500,
Amazing Assist Swing Trainer
Gibas & Matzie Golf Products | Full Swing/Strength | $70
Amazing AssistDescription: The patented ASSIST, with its weighted head and precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release to teach the correct hand release for longer, straighter shots. Plus, it eliminates slicing.
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Special Features: The Amazing ASSIST is guaranteed to lower the scores of the 20 million golfers in the United States who can’t break 100! Just swing the Amazing ASSIST a few minutes each day and watch your scores get lower! It’s ideal for pre-game or pre-practice warm-up. Included is a mini instructional DVD.

Other Information: Hundreds of thousands are now in use by PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA touring pros, as well as golf schools, universities and amateurs of all skill levels. Available in right-handed and left-handed men, women and juniors.

Contact: 16182 Gothard St., Suite I, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, (800) 783-2255, FAX (714) 842-7460, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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Arm_© Super Wrist Roller
Crown Fitness | Full Swing/Strength | $39.95 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Super Wrist RollerDescription: The Arm_© Super Wrist Roller is designed to build and strengthen the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders, with specific emphasis on developing the wrists and encouraging proper wrist action during the swing. Use of the Wrist Roller will help the user achieve a stronger hold of the club, greater overall control and wrist-snapping action through the hitting zone. The Wrist Roller has been a staple on the professional tours for over 40 years. It has a patented center trap with a flat web strap.
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Special Features: The Arm_© Super Wrist Roller is a snap to use; simply twist your wrists to roll the weight up to the Wrist Roller handle. Use a palms-up or palms-down grip to emphasize different muscle groups in the arms and hands. Recommended use is one to two times a day, three to four days a week.

Contact: Crown Fitness, P.O. Box 494, Excelsior, MN 55331, (800) 214-6042, FAX (208) 730-5506, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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Brush-T 4-pack
Brush-T | Long Drive | $9.95 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Brush-T 4PackDescription: The highly acclaimed Brush-t is designed with a proprietary nylon bristle cup that enables the flexibility of the bristles to allow the ball to be struck with a minimum of resistance and deflection. The ball is supported largely by air, which means that the speed of the clubface at impact is concentrated so perfectly on the ball, that the sheer kinetic energy helps create a longer and straighter shot.
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Special Features: Providing consistent height for ideal trajectory, the long-lasting Brush-t Assorted 4-pack includes a 2-inch/3-wood tee, perfect for any fairway wood or hybrid club; a 2.2-inch/driver tee, a standard-length tee that is preferred by better players due to its initial lower take-off trajectory; a 2.4-inch/oversized tee, designed for the woods and drivers (200cc to 400cc) thus enabling the ball to be struck in the center of the large sweet spot; a 3.125-inch/XLT, the longest bristle tee on the market, which is engineered to complement the size and launch angle of driver heads over 400cc.

Contact: (800) 526-6348, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer
GolfGym LLC | Strength/Accuracy/Balance | $39.95 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Golf GymDescription: The Original GolfGym_¨, since 1987. Deceivingly simple. Ingeniously designed. Incredibly effective. GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers are portable, golf-specific training and conditioning tools for developing muscle memory, strength and flexibility. Choose from two versions–the Masters, with three PowerCords (light, medium, heavy) or the Personal, with your choice of one PowerCord. Both units include a quick-start DVD with a special feature hosted by GolfGym partner Katherine Roberts.
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers help you improve club control and shot accuracy, develop proper swing habits and muscle memory, and build strength and develop better balance to add distance to your shots. Each package also includes a quick-start DVD that expertly demonstrates each of the key exercises.

Contact: (877) 446-5349, (714) 437-1299, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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Impact Bag_ã_
Golf Around the World, Inc. | Full Swing | $39.95 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Impact BagDescription: Designed by PGA Master professional Dr. Gary Wiren, Impact Bag freezes the golf club at impact, creating a tangible, repeatable feeling of a correct position at impact. You’ll develop a strong turn into the shot while preventing the collapse of your leading wrist. Eliminate common flaws and hit the ball straighter than ever before. Impact Bag is a sure cure for any slice!
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: The Impact Bag helps golfers where it matters most–the moment of impact. With the Impact Bag, golfers are able to get an exact feel of where their hands, arms, legs and feet should be at the moment the club meets the ball. Enables golfers the opportunity to fine-tune their impact position. Available at your local golf retail store.

Contact: GAW Staff, (800) 824-4279, (561) 848-8896, FAX (561) 848-0870, info@golfaroundthe,


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SwingView Pro 5_ã_
Swing Technologies | Full Swing/Short Game | $899 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Swingview Pro 5Description: Attention teachers. Swing Technologies’ latest analysis program includes a built-in e-mail program, PDF file generation, CD-burning program with free student viewer program, and the best support in the industry. Advanced features like automatic motion-based video capture and drawing animation helper make this program second-to-none. Plug in a DV cameria (via FireWire) and get ready to impress.
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: Includes three programs in one. SwingView Pro features swing, drill and screen-recording modes, dual-camera capture, side-by-side and overlay comparison and extensive drawing tools. By purchasing SVP version 5, you will also receive SwingWatch Live and SwingCoach Live free of charge. Your students can download SwingCoach Live from: Call us to have your questions answered and get a fully functional demo.

Contact: Golf Around the World, Inc., (800) 824-4279, Request a free download link:, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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Line-M-Up Pro
Green Keepers, Inc. | Stroke Saver | $9.49 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Line-M-Up ProDescription: Used by touring professionals to save strokes from tee to green, Line-M-Up Pro fits on any golf ball to draw a multitude of different marking options for your preferred visual alignment. Use the marking to establish your aim line. Confident of the line, you are free to concentrate on stroke and speed.
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: Serves as both a playing and training aid. As a training aid, Line-M-Up Pro gives you a visual guide to determine when a square stroke is made. When struck well, the line on the ball will appear straight. When poorly struck, the line will appear to wobble. As a playing aid, Line-M-Up Pro conforms to USGA rules and will help improve your score.

Contact: (800) 317-2663,, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê

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Inside Approach
Sowerwine Golf Solutions | Distance/Slicing | $59.98 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Inside ApproachDescription: The Slice Correction Trainer rids your golf swing of the over-the-top approach which causes a slice. Watch the BONUS instructional DVD featuring Jack Nicklaus and Jim Sowerwine, then begin training with the Inside Approach Slice Correction Trainer. Place the ball under the cushion and take your natural swing. A correct swing path (in-to-out) will miss the cushion. An incorrect swing path (out-to-in) will hit the cushion and cause it to safely breakaway. Snap the cushion back on for your next practice swing. It’s simple, it’s easy to use and it’s going to help golfers of all levels. __Ò Jack Nicklaus.
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: This Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Slice Correction Trainer is Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice for the #1 Swing Trainer in 2004 AND 2005! Guaranteed to Cure Your Slice and Increase Your Distance 22.3 yards on average in 6 swings or less. Useful with every club in your bag. Works for right- and left-handed golfers of all levels. Inside Approach is used by players on every PGA tour as well as_Ê by weekend golfers.

Contact: (888) 947-9464, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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The Golfer’s Footprint_ã_ Swing Trainer
The Golfer’s Footprint, Inc. | Full Swing | $32.50 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Golfer's FootprintDescription: Set up for success with this simple-to-use hitting mat that helps you standardize your practice station and practice routines. Hit right off the plastic surface and learn to align to the target line, square your clubface and develop the inside power swing that the pros use. Keep it simple–just follow the arrows to take control of the ball and your swing. Now available in left- and right-handed models.
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: Made of high-impact plastic, the hitting board focuses on the fundamentals and helps you learn how to control the ball the first time you use it. Hitting a draw or fade is easy when you follow the colored arrows. The GFi Swing Trainer works in backyards, on driving ranges and for pre-game warm-ups. It is a professional golf lesson that goes anywhere!

Contact: The Golfer’s Footprint, (866) GOLF-113,, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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Swing Speed Radar_ã_
Sports Sensors | Speed | $149.95 _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
Swing Speed RadarDescription: The new Swing Speed Radar_ã_ with Tempo Timer lets you measure your actual swing tempo, from takeaway to ball impact, and your clubhead speed. Use it on the driving range or during practice to achieve your best distance, control, accuracy and consistency. It’s the ideal portable tool for professional clubmakers and instructors, as well as serious golfers of all ages!
_Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê_Ê_Ê
Special Features: Put an end to your golf tempo tantrums. Optimize your ballstriking performance with your own personal radar velocity sensor for immediate swing feedback.

Contact: Sports Sensors, Inc., P.O. Box 46198, Cincinnati, OH 45246-0198, (888) 542-9246, _Ê_Ê_Ê _Ê
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