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When it comes to training aids, it’s important to know that they must be used properly and with regularity for improvement to take place. Most importantly, though, is choosing the proper aid for your particular problem. Like a fitted set of golf clubs, the right training aid can bring significant improvement–if it’s right for you. To make sure you choose the one that’s best suited to your problem, it’s a good idea to consult with your pro and discuss his or her feelings regarding what your needs are and what aid would be most helpful.

Align-Drive Golf Alignment, Ltd. | Alignment, Stance | $29.95
Align Drive

Description: Two of the most common and misdiagnosed problems facing today’s golfers are poor alignment to the target and incorrect ball position in the stance. The Align-Drive is designed to help cure both of these ailments. To use it, simply pick out an intended target, assemble the Align-Drive by inserting the shaft in the hole corresponding to the club you’re using, and place the Align-Drive on the ground pointing slightly left of the target (for right-handed golfers). Place the ball on an imaginary line four to six inches away from the tip of the shaft, and place your feet in the respective positions for the club you’re using.

Special Features: Results with the Align-Drive are immediate. Align-Drive works equally well for both men and women, as well as for right- and left-handed golfers.

Contact: (800) 495-2921 (access code 02),

The Putting Arc, Models T3, MSIII, and Deluxe
The Putting Arc, Inc. T3 – $35.95 ; MSIII – $69.95 ; Deluxe – $89.95
The Putting Arc

Description: The Putting Arc is the original training device that teaches the pendulum, inclined plane stroke used by over 95% of the modern day touring pros. It has been used by over 650 touring pros for almost 400 pro wins since its introduction in 2003, and it has also been used by the top ranked amateur, junior and college golfers in the USA. The arc itself is based on the 2300 year old math formulas of Apollonius of Perga, and it is patented and carries a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Contact: 800-898-0701,,

The Swing Glove
Dynamics Hi-Tech, Inc. | Correction | $37.95
The Swing GloveDescription: The Swing Glove guides the wrist to the proper cock angle at the top of the swing, helping to prevent the wrist from bending at all the critical points of the swing.

Special Features: The Swing Glove corrects fundamental swing flaws immediately. From the shots, to fairway, approach, and putting, the Swing Glove delivers a consistent swing for lower scores. It also helps maintain the correct wrist position throughout golfer’s swing for improved distance with greater accuracy.

Contact: (866) 469-4568, (562) 696-5500,

Amazing Assist Swing Trainer
Gibas & Matzie Golf Products | Full Swing/Strength | $70
Amazing Assist

The patented ASSIST, with its weighted head and precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release to teach the correct hand release for longer, straighter shots. Plus, it eliminates slicing.

Special Features: The Amazing ASSIST is guaranteed to lower the scores of the 20 million golfers in the United States who can’t break 100! Just swing the Amazing ASSIST a few minutes each day and watch your scores get lower! It’s ideal for pre-game or pre-practice warm-up. Included is a mini instructional DVD.

Other Information: Hundreds of thousands are now in use by PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA touring pros, as well as golf schools, universities and amateurs of all skill levels. Available in right-handed and left-handed men, women and juniors.

Contact: Customer Service (800) 783-2255 Ext.22, for a list of retailers in your area,

Impact Bag
Golf Around the World, Inc. | Full Swing | $39.95
Impact Bag

Designed by PGA Master professional Dr. Gary Wiren, Impact Bag freezes the golf club at impact, creating a tangible, repeatable feeling of a correct position at impact. You’ll develop a strong turn into the shot while preventing the collapse of your leading wrist. Eliminate common flaws and hit the ball straighter than ever before. Impact Bag is a sure cure for any slice!

Special Features: The Impact Bag helps golfers where it matters most–the moment of impact. With the Impact Bag, golfers are able to get an exact feel of where their hands, arms, legs and feet should be at the moment the club meets the ball. Enables golfers the opportunity to fine-tune their impact position. Available at your local golf retail store.

Contact: GAW Staff, (800) 824-4279, (561) 848-8896, FAX (561) 848-0870,,

Inside Approach
Sowerwine Golf Solutions | Distance/Slicing | $59.98
Inside ApproachDescription: The Slice Correction Trainer rids your golf swing of the over-the-top approach which causes a slice. Watch the BONUS instructional DVD featuring Jack Nicklaus and Jim Sowerwine, then begin training with the Inside Approach Slice Correction Trainer. Place the ball under the cushion and take your natural swing. A correct swing path (in-to-out) will miss the cushion. An incorrect swing path (out-to-in) will hit the cushion and cause it to safely breakaway. Snap the cushion back on for your next practice swing. It’s simple, it’s easy to use and it’s going to help golfers of all levels. -Jack Nicklaus.

Special Features: This Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Slice Correction Trainer is Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice for the #1 Swing Trainer in 2004 AND 2005! Guaranteed to Cure Your Slice and Increase Your Distance 22.3 yards on average in 6 swings or less. Useful with every club in your bag. Works for right- and left-handed golfers of all levels. Inside Approach is used by players on every PGA tour as well as by weekend golfers.

Contact: (888) 947-9464,

Bonfit Sport| Stroke Saver/Accuracy |$39.95

Description: Popular in South Africa, QOLF is a cross between golf and croquet that offers a fast paced, fun and easy-to-learn alternative to the links. QOLF comes with three color-coded arches (orange, blue and red) that are utilized as frames. The objective of the game is for each participant–utilizing a golf pitching wedge–to hit a specially designed plastic QOLFball through each of the frame arches within a minimum amount of strokes. Players can earn bonus points by hitting the ball through a specially designed target hole above the frame arch.

Special Features: QOLF provides a test of accuracy, touch and skill, which makes it an ideal tool for short game training. Golfers can hone their chipping skills and hand-eye coordination, whether in the backyard or indoors. QOLF is also an ideal way to introduce children and newcomers to the game of golf.

Contact: (888) 426-6348,

PowerSwing Fan Golf Around the World, Inc. |Full Swing |$59.95
PowerSwing Fan

Description: One of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control on the market today. Simply pick the PowerSwing up and swing it 20-30 times a day, and you’ll be on your way to better technique, longer drives and lower scores.

Special Features: There’s no wrong way to use the PowerSwing. The fins discourage casting. You’ll learn to drop the club into the slot, a position that allows an inside-to-square approach to the ball. The harder you swing the PowerSwing, the more air resistance you’ll feel. Dynamic resistance is what builds your hands, wrists, forearms and rotary muscles, and will help you power the ball past your friends – guaranteed!

Contact: (800) 824-4279, (561) 848-8896, FAX (561) 848-0870,, (Source Key GT0407)

Swing Speed Radar With Tempo Timer
Sports Sensors|Speed | $149.95
Swing Speed Radar With Tempo Timer

Description: The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed and tempo rhythm for golfers of all ages and skill levels. The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is endorsed by Jim McLean, who says, The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is the most affordable, portable instrument available for measuring clubhead speed and actual tempo time. We use it at all of our golf schools to provide golfers immediate feedback on their swing improvements.

Special Features: Two instruments in one, featuring simple one-button operation, it provides unmatched utility in a single device. It assists players in developing/optimizing their swing with immediate feedback of actual tempo time from club takeaway to ball impact, as well as the swing speed of the clubhead as it approaches the ball.

Contact: P.O. Box 46198, Cincinnati, OH 45246-0198, (888) 542-9246, Al Dilz,,

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine
Z Factor Sports, LLC | Putting/Consistency | $389.95
Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

Description: The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine dictates perfect path, face angle and pendulum swing during a putting stroke. The Perfect Putting Machine is adjustable between square-to-square and four arcing strokes. In addition, the system allows the user to create a consistent stance, ball position and rhythm.

Special Features: This is the putting trainer you have seen on PGA Tour telecasts! The Perfect Putting Machine’s patented design allows for a user to find the putting stroke that is right for him or her and practice it consistently. The Perfect Putting Machine works great indoors or on a putting green, and the user can actually stroke putts using his or her own putter. Best of all, it does not require the user to apply heel or toe pressure against an inclined or curved surface as other training aids do. Such pressure can actually cause improper muscle memory. The Perfect Putting Machine has been purchased by more than fifty players on the PGA Tour.

Contact: (208) 342-4514,,

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