R-Motion Introduces Affordable Home Golf Simulator

Uses Real Clubs And Balls For Realistic Play

Partnering with ProTee United, the leading golf simulators company, Rapsodo has launch of R-Motion Golf – The Golf Club Game (TGC) Golf Simulator Kit. Golf fans can now play the award-winning video game using real golf clubs and balls to experience a highly realistic in-game simulation of their swing and ball flight from the comfort of their own home for an affordable price.

“Rain storms, time constraints, greens fees and tee time availability are a few challenges most golfers know all too well. Playing TGC with R-Motion Golf makes year-round golf a convenient reality for anyone,” said Batuhan Okur, founder and managing director of Rapsodo. “We’re excited to be able to leverage Rapsodo’s strengths in developing tracking technologies to make the game of golf more accessible to everyone with fun, affordable and highly accurate simulated gameplay. R-Motion Golf’s personalization and accuracy are sure to enhance the players’ experience with the game.”

Dennis van Drie, president of ProTee United, added, “Our new partnership with Rapsodo will allow every golfer worldwide to immerse themselves further than ever before into the best golf simulation game ever made, using one of the most technically advanced golf simulation methods on the market.”

r-motionUntil now, TGC for golf simulators was playable only with upscale sensors and camera systems. R-Motion Golf is changing the game with a compact, state-of-the-art golf swing tracker that sits at the base of the club grip and serves as an advanced game controller. This tracking device translates a player’s swing mechanics and ball impact data into an incredibly realistic simulated golf shot within the game. Weighing in at less than half an ounce, it’s designed to have zero impact on a player’s swing.

R-Motion Golf offers a low cost, low maintenance and high quality alternative to competing golf simulation systems. The kit includes one golf swing tracking unit with a 4-hour battery life, four club attachments, a Bluetooth USB dongle and TGC golf simulation software, complete with 15 beautiful courses and one driving range.

To get started, players simply download the TGC software and insert the Bluetooth dongle into their PC to connect it to the R-Motion Golf swing tracker. Four clubs can be pre-equipped with the provided club attachments so that players can easily slide the tracker onto their club of choice and quickly move it between clubs. Aiming the clubface at the virtual target line onscreen and squaring it to the golf ball for roughly one second before taking a backswing will automatically initiate swing tracking for each shot.

R-Motion Golf – The Golf Club Game Simulator Kit was based on the original TGC, an award winning golf simulator video game by HB Studios, originally released on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC Windows platforms in 2014. Since then, the game has been widely acclaimed as one of the most realistic and technically advanced golf games for its stunning visual presentation, authenticity, and in-depth course design feature that allows users to build new courses and share them with other players online.

“ProTee United is a long-term valued partner of HB Studios. The ongoing evolution of their technology and their partnership with Rapsodo is exciting for everyone involved,” said Alan Bunker, CEO of HB Studios. “We’re extremely proud to have our very own The Golf Club game software behind the great strides ProTee United and Rapsodo are making in bringing affordable golf simulation to players everywhere.”

$299 | www.rmotiongolf.com

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