The World’s First Smart Golf Shoe

Get In On Ground Floor of Samsung Spinoff IOFIT
Iofit Golf Shoe


You’ve got apps for everything else in your golf game these days. Why not one for your feet — as in weight transfer and balance measurement via a spikeless shoe built with Bluetooth sensors? It took a while, but Samsung is going there with its new spinoff company, IOFIT. The world’s very first smart golf shoe is available for pre-sale on Kickstarter. IOFIT is the only wearable technology that analyzes a golfer’s balance to give them actionable feedback on their swing.

Professional golfers tell us that proper balance and weight shift are critical for players to generate power and consistency on their swing. IOFIT’s groundbreaking technology uses embedded sensors to track swing information from the ground up, acting as a virtual coach for players of all skill levels. You’ll know immediately if you’re swaying, getting too much weight on the toes or heels or, horror of horrors, succumbing to the evil reverse pivot.

“In the past, the only way for golfers to get professional feedback on their swing was to hire a coach or purchase equipment that costs thousands of dollars,” said IOFIT CEO and Co-founder Jacob Cho. “Now, with just a pair of shoes and an app, golfers can quickly and smartly improve their game while having fun.”

The IOFIT shoe is lightweight and comfortable with great traction and breathable lining. One charge of its lightweight battery will last up to five days. The data it picks up with every swing yncs via Bluetooth to iOS/Android on smartphone/tablet, and you can even add optional video sync to create video of your swing. Compare stats with pros and receive actionable feedback, download swing data from top players for quick comparison and, yes, send your progress to friends or coaches

“It made sense for us to launch a product like IOFIT on Kickstarter because of its strong global community of innovators and technologists,” added Cho. “We brought a very experienced product development team together from leading companies like Samsung and PING to fulfill our mission to empower golfers with meaningful data.”

IOFIT is now available on Kickstarter until September 7th, for anyone to purchase for $189, with delivery slated for February 2017. The Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $50,000 so far.


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