Charley Hoffman Embraces Halo Sport

PGA Tour Veteran Says Technology Helps Golfers Learn Faster

halo sport charley hoffmanFour-time PGA Tour winner Charley Hoffman recently announced his partnership with Halo Neuroscience, a neurostimulation device company focused on improving human performance through its first consumer headset, Halo Sport.

Halo Sport utilizestranscranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to accelerate how quickly humans can learn motor skills by improving the brain’s natural plasticity. It has helped golfers increase club head speed, putting accuracy, and improve overall form.

In addition to collaborating with golf coaches, performance institutes, PGA pros and amateurs, Hoffman’s partnership represents an opportunity for Halo and a player in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings to further understand how the tDCS technology can help other golfers on the PGA Tour improve their handicap without committing more time to training.

“I heard about Halo Sport when it first came out, and started using the device on my own to improve my golf game starting in 2016,” said Hoffman. “I noticed an immediate improvement in my ball speed when practicing. I was really excited that the company approached me about teaming up officially, as I believe we can work together to ensure golfers know how their brain can help them learn skills faster and better.”

Designed to be used during the first 20 minutes of a workout, whether putting, chipping or driving, Halo Sport stimulates the golfer’s motor cortex through a scientific process called Neuropriming that induces a hyperplastic, or hyper-learning, state in the brain. During this time, the brain’s normal fine-tuning process occurs more rapidly, delivering better and faster results with a decreased level of perceived exertion. Golfers can not only nail technical adjustments faster, but also maintain better form during each round of play.

“Because golf is based on repetitive, precise movements, it was an obvious fit for Halo Sport to be part of golfers’ training,” said Mark Mastalir, chief marketing officer of Halo Neuroscience. “The advantage that both professional and amateur golfers can get from incorporating Halo Sport into their daily practice is highly measurable. We’ve seen great success with Charley as well as a number of other golfers and coaches; they’re able to improve their game with Halo Sport. We believe neurostimulation technology is the future of golf, and we’re excited to be at the forefront with Charley leading the way on the PGA Tour.”

Since joining the PGA TOUR in 2006, Hoffman has earned four PGA Tour Victories, including Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (2007), Deutsche Bank Championship (2010), OHL Classic at Mayakoba (2014), and Valero Texas Open (2016), and was a member of the 2017 United States Presidents Cup Team.

Together Hoffman and Halo Neuroscience will work toward unpacking specific drills and techniques that will give all golfers the best possible ways to make their practice more productive in order to produce better results.

“I look forward to introducing the product to my fellow players and amateur golfers across the globe,” said Hoffman. | Check the price on Amazon!


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