Golf Equipment: 2019 Putters

As always, the field of 2019 putters is crowded indeed, from wet-behind-the-ears startups to stalwart old-timers who keep freshening their models to keep up with those new interlopers. The four putters and lines highlighted here truly stood out to us, along with this one in our Editor’s Picks.


2019 putters argolfMilled in France by a company that produces jet engine fuel injection systems, then assembled in Florida, Argolf’s blade, mallet and half-mallet putters are named after Arthurian characters like Lancelot, Merlin, and King Arthur himself. Good thing they perform heroically, too. And powerfully, thanks to a unique combination of world-class metals and exquisitely calibrated design elements. Offers Argolf CEO and Founder Olivier Colas, “We are the only manufacturer who is responsible for the entire process from start to finish. We use 304L German stainless steel for the mallets and blades, and the four aluminum mallet models are made out of 7175 aircraft aluminum, which nobody else uses. Five-point CNC milling allows the shapes we can offer.” They’ll also build heads out of titanium for the golfer who wants the highest of high-end feel and is willing to pay for it.

The newest model, Mordred (right), boasts an almost unheard-of MOI of 10,000 — very forgiving for the recreational player — and spectacular shape. “The end result from a player’s standpoint is a very unique feel,” Colas says. “The ball comes off very quickly, with different spins depending on the grind you put on the face,” Then there’s what I call the ‘hit,’ a combination of sound and feel — the sensation of how the ball comes off the face. Slight toe or heel misses will still leave the face straight.”

Argolf putter necks are center-shafted, curved or plumber style depending on the model; standard shaft is KBS chrome shaft but any putter can be custom made and fitted, and indeed most are. Argolf will even emboss logos or initials on their heads for the ultimate individual charm, and built-to-order wands can be turned around in 24 hours. The company has also introduced a forged iron line. | Check the price of the Mordred on Amazon!

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