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Spikeless Golf Shoes

Well, maybe the trend started last year, with Fred Couples wearing what looked more like skate shoes out on the PGA and Champions Tour. Or maybe it started with Ryan Moore, wearing a pair of shoes that, well, didn’t look much like golf shoes or street shoes. Both players have been playing professional golf while wearing nontraditional golf shoes with no replaceable spikes and, instead, opting for shoes with built-in traction that are just as practical off the course as they are on the course.

Does this mean other professional players may follow suit? We’re not sure, but we can tell you that some of the GT staff is already aboard the nonspike bandwagon. In addition to being less hassle (you can wear them all day if you want to), golf shoes with nonreplaceable spikes are generally hyped first and foremost for their comfort and second for their gripping power. And come the summer months, when the courses are dry and traction isn’t a real issue, style and comfort are what we’re usually looking for in a pair of golf shoes. We’ve tried a couple funky golf shoe models this year with no spikes, and here are our thoughts. If anything, we recommend you give them a try. At the very least, even if you don’t like playing golf in them, you’ll look great come suppertime in the golf course grillroom.


Designed to appeal to the Rickie Fowler generation, the new Kikkor golf shoes (Dress Sneaker shown) have a skateboard-shoe profile and ample traction on the sole for a grippy, comfortable round of golf. If we didn’t see the bottom, we would have never believed they were golf shoes. They’re super comfortable, too.


Worn by Ryan Moore, the low-profile True golf shoes are as close as you can get to feeling as though you’re not wearing shoes at all. Now, that’s not a bad thing, because they have plenty of traction and support. The folks over at TRUE found a way to do it in a sleek and chic golf shoe that weighs a mere 11 ounces (that’s exceptionally light).


The new Street Premiere from Ecco worn by Fred Couples, are __ber-comfortable and have surprisingly more traction than we thought they would. Combine that with good stability and not a second needed for "breaking them in," these shoes by Ecco are ready to wear all day, right out of the box. (Don’t tell, but we’ve actually worn these around the office.)

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