The Most Important Piece Of Equipment You Carry Is Not In Your Bag

Fueling your body for optimal performance on the fairways

amino vital golfFrom the outside golf seems like a relaxing game, people walking around enjoying a nice day outdoors… And because of this perception some people do not consider golfers to be “true” athletes. In fact golfers themselves rarely prepare themselves like athletes. When our game goes south, we blame the course conditions, our equipment, and the weather but never take the time to consider that maybe the reason we are missing shots is because our bodies are failing us.

The reality is that golf is an endurance sport and golfers are endurance athletes. Golf requires power, strength and accuracy off the tee, strategy and finesse along the fairways and total focus on the greens. On top of all that, the golfer must maintain peak concentration for 4 to 5 hours. A round of golf is mentally and physically draining. Fatigue sets in slowly and by the time you realize it you may not have the time or the ability to recover. Every golfer has been there when the game is lost by the 14th hole and all you can do is dream about that beer awaiting you in the clubhouse. Sustaining energy and focus throughout an entire 18 holes is the key to consistent play for the golfer. And the only way to ensure a good performance is by treating yourself like an athlete on game day and fueling your body through proper hydration and sports nutrition.

For golf professionals it’s critical. Golf demands perfection in every aspect. A small swing fault or a lazy putt could cost a PGA Tour player millions, which is why more and more pro golfers are taking advantage of the science of sports nutrition and reaping its benefits. “Keeping yourself hydrated on the golf course, no matter what level you’re playing, is a key component,” says a top strength and conditioning coach who works with pro golfers like Zach Johnson and Stephen Ames. “It’s only a matter of time before the regular guys jump on the sports nutrition bandwagon, if they haven’t already.”

Sports nutrition drinks are nothing new. An explosion of new ones have flooded the category in recent years, offering hydration, endurance and recovery to athletes in every arena. So, it’s no surprise that golf is the latest sport to realize the benefits of better performance through sports nutrition.

The stress of competition in tournament play, or on any given weekend can lead to dehydration and depletion of the body’s energy reserves. At that point, players may experience the kind of muscle and mental fatigue that leads to collapse and a game that never has a chance to turn itself around. Plain bottled water won’t help you recover at that point. Your body needs more.

Some sports drinks replenish lost salts and electrolytes that the body loses _â__Ò plus they add lots of sugar and carbohydrates as “cheap” sources of energy. While these drinks do a good job of hydrating, they are not really good sources of energy. Energy drinks are usually full of caffeine and other stimulants and will provide an energy spike just as a cup of coffee might do, but may also be accompanied by jitters and eventually lead to a “crash” leaving the athlete feeling more fatigued than before. Protein-based drinks are great for vigorous activity and muscle building, but are more suited for long training regimens and recovery after physical exercise. And the thought of downing a thick protein drink on a hot summer day out on the fairways is not exactly refreshing. Unfortunately, none of these drinks really meets all the needs of the golfer.

But there is one company out there trying to change that. Ajinomoto, one of Japan’s best-known and most respected brands has developed a line of sports drinks under the Amino Vital brand that are tailored specifically for golfers. Amino Vital Golf_â_¨ is a low sugar, low carbohydrate drink that provides a balanced formula that is perfect for golfers. What makes Amino Vital Golf special is its proprietary blend of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, but unlike protein sourced from food or whey protein supplements, they are quickly absorbed into the body providing you with energy right when you need it. And as a derivative of protein, they also help to prevent muscle breakdown and aid in muscle recovery. It is this essential ingredient that Ajinomoto claims reduces both mental and physical fatigue and ultimately helps you stay focused and play at your best from start to finish. Amino Vital Golf comes in the form of a powder that you can easily mix with water right on the course for a quick and refreshing energy boost. And according to the pros on the tour, this combination of energy, focus and stamina is the winning formula.

“Giving your body what it needs to perform is essential. This is where Amino Vital Golf has shown its amazing benefits and why it is the number 1 sports drink for golfers. I have been working with and training PGA TOUR players for more than a decade and this is the one supplement I won’t let my guys be without” says a leading strength and conditioning coach on the TOUR.

In fact, Ajinomoto claims that over 160 PGA tour professionals use their Amino Vital Golf products regularly, producing 10 tour wins already this year through July. Some of the best players are drinking it before, during and after rounds. If you’ve watched a PGA event on television, you may have noticed white Amino Vital Golf towels hanging off of more and more bags each week, as more golfers seem to be drinking and reaping it’s benefits. Pro golfers drinking Amino Vital Golf have dominated the pro tour for the past two years including Trevor Immelman who won this year’s Masters and Zack Johnson who won it last year. JJ Henry, winner of the US Ryder Cup, uses Amino Vital at every training session.

It’s not just the pros who are benefiting. “We’re starting to see the trickle down effect to the everyday golfer as well,” says the Marketing team at Amino Vital. “The regular guy is watching the pros win with Amino Vital Golf every weekend and he’s starting to think ‘Hey maybe that can help me’. In fact, one of our customers wrote to us saying he just won his second local tournament of the year, in 100 degree heat mind you, and he owes it all to Amino Vital Golf. All the other golfers we’re asking him how he stayed so fresh. It’s the prototypical AVG success story, so we put the guy up on our website. Needless to say, we hope his ‘secret’ doesn’t remain that way for long.”

There are a lot of things we carry with us to help us get through a tough round. But no piece of equipment is as important as our body and our mind. So, the next time you are trying to figure out what went wrong on the last hole, consider what you are fueling your body with while you play. It may not be your 9 irons fault after all. For more info, visitÊ

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