Sneak Peek 2008

What?s great in 2008 can be yours right now!

The year’s newest and best golf equipment is here! Whether it be a driver, iron, putter or anything in between, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest new clubs. Check out a few of our top picks so far…

sneak peek Mizuno MP-600
Known mostly for its forged irons, Mizuno is poised to turn a lot of heads with the new MP-600 driver, thanks to an innovative Fast Track_â_ã_ design that enables golfers to slide weights to various positions, depending on what type of ballflight they prefer. A slick feature indeed, but it’s the CORTECH face insert and no-nonsense design that proves the latest in technology can still have a classic look and feel.

sneak peek Cleveland CG14
Built with Gelback technology and a set of grooves that can make any kind of ball spin, the new CG14 wedges feature an enhanced cavity and slightly more offset for improved trajectory control. Better players will fawn over this sharp (pun intended) new design, and the multiple bounce angles and loft configurations mean there’s a wedge in this line for everyone.

– Black Pearl
– Chrome

sneak peek Callaway FT Irons
The high-end Callaway FT Irons are the next-gen of Fusion irons, replete with a shape desired by better players, a cradle that moves 80 percent of weight to the perimeter, a TPU Sensert and more features than we have room to cover! Take our word for it, these clubs are cool.

sneak peek Cobra L4V
Standing for “Limit 4 Variables,” this new driver from Cobra Golf has both a carbon sole and crown, which makes the tungsten back-weighting even more effective. Big, powerful and easy to hit, perhaps the best part of this driver is the stock Cobra/Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board graphite shaft.

sneak peek Bridgestone E5+ & E6+
Revamped and recharged, the new e5+ and e6+ golf balls from Bridgestone are better than ever. The e5+ (shown) is, in our opinion, the best-feeling multilayer/Surlyn-covered ball ever made. Its performance holds up, too. The e6+ is an interesting take on a urethane-covered ball in that it’s a two-piece, designed for added spin. It delivers on a promise for more distance, carry and playability. Both balls have a nice price under $30/doz.

– E6+

sneak peek Nickent 3DX Tour Square
After the success of the popular and nicely priced 3DX Square driver, Nickent is proud to unveil a Tour-inspired version. This time, Nickent’s ultra-high MOI model comes in all black and with more bulge and roll to help the ball fly lower with the same distance of the original 3DX driver. Other features include a proprietary internal structure, which Nickent claims produces a better sound and feel than other square-shaped drivers.

sneak peek Rife Two Bar Hybrid
The new Two Bar Hybrid from Rife Putters features a vertical notch to ensure a proper setup, Two Bars for enhanced aim, adjustable speed weighting for a custom feel, and RollGroove Technology that’s designed to provide a consistent, no-skid roll.

sneak peek Nike Golf Slingshot and Sumo Irons
In our opinion, the Slingshot irons were a revolutionary step forward in iron design, but it’s the latest Slingshots that impressed us the most. Streamlined and better looking than ever, these irons might find their way into a few Tour bags. Also, check out the new and mega-forgiving Sumo irons, which got their inspiration from driver technology. Look for a high COR and MOI in these fresh new sticks.

sneak peekHiPPO HEX
Last year, HiPPO’s HEX Hybrid driver shook up the industry with its unique hexagonal shape. This year, they have applied the design to their fairway woods and hybrids. The Hybrid comes in three lofts (17, 20 and 23 degrees) and is constructed with a maraging stainless-steel head and carbon rails to help boost its MOI. HiPPO’s HEX putter (not shown) also features a hexagonal shape, but not to increase its MOI. Instead, three highly visible hexagons on the top of the putterhead act as an alignment aid. Look for three grams of weight in each of its back corners that give the HEX high MOI, nonetheless.

PING Tour-W Wedge
With shotmaking versatility in mind, the new Tour-W wedge from PING is poised for success. Featuring a compact, teardrop shape, machined grooves, a tuning port and tungsten toe insert, this wedge packs a lot of technology in a beautifully elegant shape. Two finishes are available, and unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room to list the huge number of loft/bounce configurations.

sneak peekWilson Staff Spine Driver
In what may be the only driver with two crowns, the new Spine Driver is Wilson’s most exciting big stick to date. By removing the crown section to the left and right and retaining a strengthened center area, the Spine retains mass behind the golf ball for more power. Also cool is the stock UST HMOI shaft.

sneak peek Callaway Hyper X Driver
Since the days of the original Big Bertha, Callaway has been known as a leader in high-performance driver design. Recently, company engineers reached new highs with the development of the FT-5 and FT-i models, both of which featured a blend of titanium and lightweight carbon composite material. The company’s newest all-titanium model, the Hyper X, features the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology, which provides both a unique look and feel, as well as increased ballspeed. The Hyper X is available in regular ($299) and Tour ($329) models.

sneak peek Ping Karsten Series Putters
As the insert craze took off in putters, players were often divided into two groups—those who liked the feel of metal and those who preferred an insert. The Karsten Series from PING addresses this dilemma by combining the enhanced feel of an insert with the responsiveness of stainless steel. By placing an elastomer insert in the cavity of the putter, PING engineers also saved additional weight, which was then moved to the perimeter of the clubhead for a higher moment-of-inertia and greater forgiveness. Seven models available.

sneak peek Titleist Red X Putter
Refined with a “Charcoal Mist” coating, the Red X from Scotty Cameron has the look of a pricey sports car. Smooth lines and a solid feel, not to mention a nice alignment line, make the Red X a top pick for golfers who want added feel from a mallet.

sneak peek Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax Irons
And you thought MOI was only for drivers! Tour Edge’s new GeoMax irons “look like a cavity back on steroids,” according to company president David Glod. With a sole as wide as 1.5 inches and two 15-gram tungsten weights screwed into its heel and toe, the GeoMax essentially becomes one giant sweet spot. A Thermal Plastic Elastomer coating in the cavity helps dampen vibration.

sneak peekCleveland HiBORE XLS
The third-iteration HiBORE is the best yet, with a redesigned crown section, a larger clubface and a ridiculously high MOI. One look and you’ll see why this driver is so much fun to hit. And, with three options available (Standard, Draw and Tour) and two stock Fujikura shaft options (Red or Gold), there’s a big dog for everyone. Also, the new HiBORE XLS fairway woods and hybrids are already Tech Award frontrunners in our book. Don’t miss ’em.

– Standard
– Tour
– Draw

sneak peekAdams Idea A3 Boxer
Arguably the hottest hybrid on Tour, the new IDEA a3 Boxer is set to become another player favorite. By incorporating Boxer tech, which displaces weight away from the face toward the rear of the clubhead, the Boxer has a high MOI for straighter, more forgiving shots. Also, the Maraging steel face and cambered sole help encourage not only added distance, but greater performance off uneven surfaces.

sneak peekTaylorMade Burner TP
The new Burner TP golf ball from TaylorMade is designed for players who “love to bomb it.” The three-piece design features a unique Iothane_â_ã_ cover, designed to provide more spin off an iron shot than any other TaylorMade golf ball. The Burner TP also features the company’s Low Drag Performance (LDP) 342-dimple pattern for improved distance, even on off-center hits. Also new for ’08 is the standard Burner model, as well as improved TP Red and Black models.

sneak peekWinn PCi
It was only a matter of time before polymer grips blended with corded grips, and Winn Grips is on the forefront of this new integration. With two versions available (PCi, PCi Hybrid), Winn Grips has taken its popular V17 polymer and infused corded materials (to various degrees, depending on grip style) to make a set of grips that truly has a new, unique feel. Look for the PCIs to be a big hit in ’08.

sneak peek Tour Edge XCG Driver
Materials, clubhead shape and construction all help determine a club’s MOI. Tour Edge’s new XCG driver is built with an ultralight magnesium crown, heavy steel body and cupped titanium face that ramps up the MOI, but also creates an extreme CG. The XCG is the first club from Tour Edge to employ magnesium, making it a real groundbreaker.

sneak peek Aldila DVS Shaft
Aldila designers didn’t hold back when creating the new DVS shaft, and they did so with distance in mind. Featuring a new and more responsive tip design, a low torque rating and Micro Laminate Technology, the DVS is a great option for those seeking power.

Fujikura Rombax Z
Featuring Fujikura’s proprietary Triax material and a braided, box-weave structure, the Rombax Z is the latest in the popular Rombax series. The Z is designed to maximize clubhead stability while also creating a faster clubhead speed at impact.

Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum
Built with Smart-Ply_â_ã_ technology, the new ProLaunch Platinum shafts are designed to promote a high initial launch angle for superior carry and a flatter overall trajectory. The Micro-Mesh_â_ã_ tip design reduces torque at impact and enhances what’s already an amazing new shaft from Grafalloy.

Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q
By combining the “4-axis weave” found in the Tour AD Quattrotech shaft with the efficiency of the YS+ shaft, the Tour AD YS-Q provides a mid-launch with a feel and look wholly unique from any other shaft made by Graphite Design.

UST ProForce V2 HMOI
Designed to complement today’s big, high-MOI drivers, the ProForce V2 HMOI shaft has a higher balance point to offset the increased weight in the shaft. This helps golfers not only retain power, but adds a huge helping of shaft stability and control.

sneak peek sneak peek
The Infiniti KO driver (left) looks as good as it hits. Forgiveness is the key for the Innovex Type S model (right).

Up And Comers
Don’t miss these two up-and-coming drivers in ’08! Although the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the new Infiniti KO Driver is what’s going to put them on the mainstream map. With a stock UST ProForce V2 shaft and a high-MOI clubhead in a classy, all-black design, this driver is as fun to hit as it is to look at.

Innovex Golf has unveiled its radically shaped Type S Driver, designed with a high MOI and COR, for the best in both distance and stability. For the scoop on these products, as well as the rest from these two exciting companies, check out and

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