Showcase: Tour Edge Exotics

Tour Edge is a company that’s come a long way in a short period of time. Starting in the mid-80s with custom-fitted clubs, Tour Edge carried a Midwest sensibility into the golf club manufacturing game, focusing on producing premium-quality equipment at a reasonable price. In the last decade or so, that approach has brought ample success and the opportunity to expand the Tour Edge line to include the Exotics family, the company’s first premium-quality clubs that also carry a premium price. The entire Exotics line is characterized by the use of top-notch materials and high-tech designs, which are manufactured with innovative processes that are expensive to develop but well worth the price. If you’re looking for long-hitting woods that come standard with high-end shafts and a distinctive look, Tour Edge Exotics are right up your alley.

Tour Proto | $499
Lofts: 9-degrees, 10-degrees (RH only)
Stock Shaft: Aldila VS Proto (R, S, X)
Stock Grip: Golf Pride New Decade

Combo-Brazed Beta-Ti Crown
The Beta-Titanium crown is thin (0.4mm), light (15 grams) and strong, and effectively moves weight away from the top of the clubhead. The crown is attached to the body with a Combo-Brazing process, which eliminates the need for welding and helps maximize energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball.

Laser-Bonded SP700 Titanium Face
SP700 is a particularly strong and resilient type of titanium and can be made extremely thin. Increased rebound properties of this face insert provide faster ball speeds and distance.

Tungsten Screws
Two fixed, six-gram tungsten screws help provide a deeper, lower center of gravity to further enhance the Tour Proto’s trajectory.

Open Face
The Exotics Tour Proto is specifically designed for stronger, more accomplished players and as such,features a Tour-weighted clubhead and a face angle that is two-degrees open. For those who like to work the ball in different directions, this is an important design element.

CB2 Fairway Wood | $349
Lofts: 13-, 15, 16.5-, 18-, 21-degrees
Stock Shaft: Graphite Design X-Quad, Aldila NV 65, UST V2
Stock Grip: Golf Pride New Decade

Titanium-Cupped Face
Chemically bonded to a heavier, hyper-steel body, the titanium-cupped face of the CB2 features no welds, which enhances rebound and increases ball speed and distance. The titanium cup is also 30-percent lighter than in previous models, allowing 70 grams of weight to be moved into the sole area of the club for enhanced trajectory and overall performance.

Big Body
The CB2 is deeper from front to back than a typical fairway wood, a design feature that effectively increases MOI and produces significantly added forgiveness on off-center hits.

CB2 Hybrid | $219
Lofts: 16-, 19-, 22-, 25-degrees
Stock Shaft: Graphite Design X-Quad, Aldila NVS Hybrid, Nippon 950 GH steel
Stock Grip: Golf Pride New Decade

Multiple face thicknesses help the CB2 Hybrid produce outstanding distance due to greater clubface flexibility. The face is thinner on the edges and thicker in the middle, so center shots result in both greater distance and enhanced feel.

15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium Face
The forged, cold-rolled lightweight cupped face of the CB2 Hybrid is chemically bonded to the heavier, hyper-steel body, producing a hitting area with maximum energy transfer and faster rebound speeds.

Weight Ports
The CB2 Hybrid features two weight ports with removable six-gram screws. An optional weight kit is available with four additional screws (two-gram, four-gram, eight-gram and 10-gram), which can be interchanged to custom-tune performance._Ê

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