Objective Clubfitting

Get fit for the right sticks

These days, it’s hard to go anywhere without being subjected to some form of advertising. The same holds true when it comes to clubfitting, to a certain extent. One would expect if you were being fitted by a specific manufacturer, that company would fit you with its products. But what if you’re looking for a truly neutral third-party clubfitting experience where all clubs are equally considered for a proper fit? The folks over at SkyGolf, makers of the popular SkyCaddie GPS systems, recently unveiled the Swing Labs fitting system. Swing Labs, as it’s appropri-ately named, uses a highly complex system of equipment-testing data and research, launch-monitor evaluations and individual player characteristics to formulate objective equipment recommendations. If there’s a particular club/shaft combo suited for your game, you can count on Swing Labs to find the right makeup for you, no matter what brand it is. Now, that isn’t to say you can’t add your personal tastes to the mix. Swing Labs can base its findings on your particular brand taste, as well. To learn more, and to inquire about Swing Labs, or to go through one of the various types of fittings the system provides, hop online and check them out at SwingLabs.com.

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