Buyers Guide 2017: MedZone Activity PAK

Medzone PAKGolf is full of discomforts, with double-bogey or worse leading the way. Then again, the occasional muscle ache, sunburn and heat-driven rash, uh, down there are no bargain, either. That’s why MedZone, a leading manufacturer of products to help athletes prevent chafing and blisters and manage muscle aches, minor burns and skin irritations, put together a new MedZone Activity PAK (Personal Activity Kit). The Activity PAK includes travel size bottles of MedZone’s family of products, including its latest product BlisterZone as well as BurnZone, ChafeZone and PainZone. “From professional and Olympic athletes to the military and weekend warriors, we have a broad spectrum of customers who are using MedZone’s product line,” said Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone. “With MedZone’s Activity PAK, consumers can now get their hands on a kit that offers a complete solution to manage pain and treat common, minor injuries during a workout or at an athletic event. The MedZone Activity PAK is great to take on travel tournaments, use during marathons or to leave in your gym bag for your daily workout.” Each product in the Activity PAK serves a specific purpose in order to help relieve common discomforts that come with an active lifestyle (and yes, that does include golf). With nearly two decades of researching, testing and formulating, the products are currently being used at a professional, collegiate and Olympic caliber levels. Perhaps most vital to 18-hole marathoners is PainZone, a topical analgesic roll-on that helps sore muscles caused by exercising or arthritis symptoms. PainZone’s proprietary blend of essential fatty acids transports anti-inflammatory ingredients deep into muscle tissues for long-lasting pain relief.

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