KLVN: Two Golf Bags In One

A unique new club carrier is as versatile as bags get

KLVN (pronounced kel-vin) took the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show by storm — or, rather, by robot — when it launched what the company calls the world’s most versatile golf bag, which is really two bags in one. Which requires some explanation.

“When we decided to launch the KLVN bag at the PGA Merchandise Show, we knew we needed to showcase the bag in a way that effectively demonstrated its revolutionary new design,” added Foxman. “Using ‘robots’ in futuristic outfits showing off our game-changing bag design seemed like a great way to draw attention to both our booth and our product. We are very pleased it worked out so well.”

Using the KLVN bag, golfers can ride with the cart bag and eject a lightweight carry bag with a simple push of a button, giving them unprecendented flexibility to manage their golf game, their way. Stuck in cart-path-only hell? No problem. Can’t decide which iron to pull? KLVN’s got you covered. Just flip one handle, pull out the system’s inner carry bag and you’re off, while the outer bag, with its multi-point cart strap system, stays put. Climb back in the cart and reattach your traveling sticks and the entire set stays secure and upright while riding. And you don’t have to take your hike without pocket accessories; OneTouch removable, customizable pockets allow golfers to completely change the look and functionality of their bags to match their personal style and golfing needs. And when the round is over, the bag also features concealed rubberized wheels that allow golfers to conveniently wheel the bag to and from the parking lot.  It is constructed from a core made of lightweight, high-density, injection-molded plastic for enhanced durability.

Thanks to the inner KLVN bag’s built-in stand you won’t have to deal with wet, dirty grips leaving that trusty 6-iron behind in the grass. And goodbye to situations where you leave the club you actually need behind in the bag, then misplay the shot because you don’t have it.

The KLVN Bag is available in a variety of bright colors. And about that comely robot who introduced the bag at the PGA Show? Sorry, she’s not included.

$389 | www.klvn.com

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