Hot Or Not?

What's trending (or not) in 2012

It’s a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game that’s better than ever. And while everything we showcase in Golf Tips is something we think you should have, we feel obligated to put together our own list on what we think are this year’s must-have trends, as well as the things that aren’t quite so warm. You’re welcome.

1 BOMBER FAIRWAY WOODS: These are a hot ticket this year, with some models that are probably longer than your current driver. Yes, we’re serious. 1 MOUSTACHES: Hey Johnson Wagner and Rickie Fowler. 1977 called. It wants its facial hair back.
2 FORGED IRONS & WEDGES: For all you naysayers who thought forged irons and wedges were behind us, we’re here to tell you they’re not. Instead, they’ve gotten better than ever. 2 ADJUSTABILITY: Okay, it’s not fair to put this in the Not category. It’s still important. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you adjusted your adjustable club?
3 COLORED GRIPS: Look for all sorts of colors this year, including our new favorite: neon green. 3 POORLY FIT CLUBS: Let’s make it official. There’s absolutely no excuse for playing with any golf club(s) that isn’t(aren’t) fit for your game. It’s so easy to get fit now, a caveman can do it.
4 COLORED GOLF BALLS: Speaking of colors, colored golf balls appear to be picking up more steam, with more companies offering more colored golf balls. We love ’em actually. They’re so easy to see. 4 RIDICULOUS HEADCOVERS: Hello Kitty, Darth Vader or Popeye don’t belong in your golf bag. Ever. The only allowable character is a college mascot, and it has to be your actual college mascot, by the way. (Paula Creamer, you’re exempt here. The Pink Panther stays on.)
5 BETTER-FITTING APPAREL: Finally, golf clothes that fit as they should. Not too loose, not too tight. Look for new brands like Travis Matthew, Quagmire, Abacus, Sligo and perennial favorites like Ashworth who got it right this year. 5 FLAT-BRIMMED HATS: Unless your name is Rickie and you can hit a 320-yard drive and do a wheelie on a dirt bike on the same day, fold that brim down a bit. It will look so much better.
6 AFTER-MARKET SHAFTS: Yes, they’re still a big deal and, in most cases, can help you turn a driver from 2-3 years ago into a modern-day contender. 6 SCOFFING AT TRAINING AIDS: Really, you’re cheating yourself. Not only do Tour players use training aids (a lot), but many of them contributed to the development of some great tools to help all of us play better.
7 SPIKELESS SHOES: We love them so much, we wear them to work at the office. Check out new models from TRUE linkswear, Crocs (yes, Crocs), Ecco and more. 7 OVERPERSONALIZED GOLF BAGS: Look, a simple bag tag with your name will suffice. We really don’t need to see your name embroidered all over your staff bag. You’re not on the PGA Tour, and no fans are watching. (Ouch.)
8 THE LPGA: Dude”she’s only 17-years-old and she can most certainly beat all of us. Lexi Thompson is worth tuning in to watch this year. And Yani Tseng can blow it by all of us. 8 FIVE-HOUR ROUNDS OF GOLF: When will the USGA finally realize that the biggest problem the game of golf faces is the length of time it takes to play 18 holes? Something has got to be done about this.
9 BELLY PUTTERS: We know, they’re controversial. And for all the lovers, there are just as many haters. But say what you will, Tour players are winning with them for a reason–they work. 9 THE CHAMPIONS TOUR: Zzzzzzz”.
10 TIGER WOODS: We’ve watched Tiger play in person lately. Trust us, he’ll be back winning some big tournaments soon. We haven’t seen him swing this well in many years. 10 GOLF WEBSITES, MAGAZINES, ETC., OPINING ON OTHER SPORTS: Really, you’re golf writers. We don’t need your opinions on the Superbowl, MLB or the BCS. Stick with what you know. We have SportsCenter for the rest.

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