Five Questions With Tour Edge Vice President Of Marketing/Relations, Jay Hubbard

1. Long-hitting fairway woods are popular this year, and Tour Edge has one of the longest. Do you think this trend will continue? Should high-handicappers consider them as driver alternatives?

Fairway woods are the hot category right now, and this is a trend that will definitely continue. For years, golfers have heard about how this driver or that driver is longer._ÊFew manufacturers promoted long-hitting fairway woods. Tour Edge did. We’ve been promoting our_Ê"20 Yards Longer Guarantee" on Exotics fairway woods for at least four years. Having a long-hitting fairway wood in your bag is really important. These clubs aren’t just used from the fairway to make a par-5 in two, they’re used from the tee, and distance is important!

Fairway woods are an excellent alternative for high-handicap golfers who struggle with their driver. A fairway wood’s shorter shaft and added loft can help a golfer keep his tee shot in the fairway. Plus with a club like the Exotics XCG5 titanium fairway wood, you get the same distance benefits you get from your titanium driver.

2. What trends do you think are next? Any advances in iron tech?

The distance-driven fairway-wood trend will continue for quite a while. Golfers will also see more multimaterial constructions and designs._ÊOn the iron front, designers will continue to push the envelope with game-improvement high-MOI designs that take advantage of multimaterial construction and shaft improvements to deliver longer, more forgiving iron shots.

3. Some companies make a big deal of Tour players using their equipment. Do you think that should matter? Are the clubs Tour players use the same that the average player should use?

Unfortunately, all too often, golfers want to play the same club their favorite TOUR players use. However, the reality is that every golfer’s swing and hitting tendencies are unique. What works for a TOUR player won’t necessarily work for you. In the end, what matters most is that golfers should be open to trying all types and brands of equipment with a single-purpose goal of playing their very best. That’s how Tour Edge maintains its top-10 market share._ÊWhen our clubs are put head-to-head with our competitors on a launch monitor, more often than not, our products perform better. _Ê

4. Tour Edge has some radical putter designs, including some belly models. Give it to us straight, are belly putters fair?

Yes, David Glod, our president and founder, has created some great putter designs, and yes, I believe belly putters are fair. They are legal and provide extra stability in the putting stroke. Let’s face it, if we’re going to grow the game, golfers need to enjoy themselves when they play. The better a golfer plays, the more fun they have and the more they play. Our goal shouldn’t be to make the game harder. _Ê

5. Explain Tour Edge’s trial offer that you have on some clubs. We think that’s a great idea.

Tour Edge products perform, and the best way to get iron sets into consumer hands is product trials._ÊConsequently, we offer varying direct-from-manufacturer product trials on #6 hybrids or #6 irons on our website. For example, right now you can purchase a #6 JMax Gold Iron-Wood for $39.99 (reg. $59.99). If the golfer doesn’t like it, he or she can return it within 30 days for a full refund. If they do like it, they can complete the set purchase at a local retailer. It’s a great way for golfers to try products without risk.

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