Five Questions With Srixon

We delve into the ballmaker's new lineup

1 Golf balls are longer and more durable than ever. What do you think is the biggest improvement we’ve seen in how golf balls are constructed?
The advancements in cover technology is the main reason for the improved durability. The use of urethane vs. balata was a huge step in making Tour balls more durable. Distance gains have come with improved core technologies such as our Energetic Gradient Growth core technology, which allows Srixon to dial in the correct amount of hardness differential from the center of the ball to the outer perimeter. This control in the gradual change in hardness allows us to dial in maximum distance and control for all types of players.
2 Obviously, you guys are ahead of the curve when it comes to colored golf balls. How soon until we see more Tour players adopting yellow golf balls?
This year, we’ll have two to three Srixon Z-Star balls in Tour Yellow on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. Last year, we had the leading money winner on the Nationwide Tour using Tour Yellow. I believe this trend will continue to grow as more players start to see the benefits of playing Srixon’s Tour Yellow.
3 Should the average player use a ball just because a Tour player does?What’s your simple answer? No, Tour players require different performance characteristics than a recreational mid-handicap player. It’s as simple as that.
4 Compression used to be talked about a lot more than it is today. In fact, many golf balls had their compressions labeled on the ball. What compression is right for what player?
Compression plays a big part in our fitting story with the Z-Star Series of balls.We offer the Z-Star SL 80 compression, Z-Star 90 compression, and the Z-Star XV 100 compression. The different compressions allow more discerning players to dial in a ballflight that’s normally dependent on swing speeds. Therefore, a slower swing speed will maximize his or her launch conditions and total distance by playing a lower-compression golf ball such as the Z-Star SL, while higher-swing-speed players prefer a higher compression to optimize their launch conditions, i.e., that coveted high-launch/low-spin flight.
5 Is Srixon experimenting with any new colors?What lies ahead in 2012 and beyond?
We offer Pure White and Tour Yellow in our Z-Star and Q-Star series of golf balls.We’re always looking into new technologies and continue to work on ways of increasing visibility, because we do believe if you can see it better, you will play better.

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