Showcase: Mizuno Irons

Becoming the number-one iron on the PGA Tour is no small feat, but Mizuno forgings earned that prestigious claim for a number of years, due to a combination of classic looks and soft feel. As a result, Mizuno irons built a strong reputation as players’ clubs that were meant only for more accomplished golfers. While it’s true that Mizuno still makes forged irons favored by better players, the company has been making top-notch game-improvement models for a number of years.

Today, Mizuno has four brand-new irons, two of which feature a combination of traditional forged performance with the added benefit of modern design features, and two that are chock-full of technology and game-enhancing characteristics. Take a good look at each and decide if one might be right for your golf game.

Y-Tune Technology
MIzuno’s engineers discovered that most misses by recreational golfers occur out toward the toe of the club and responded by modifying the shape of the sole and the depth of the cavity. The result is a sweeetspot that extends out toward the club’s toe.
Ultra-deep pocket cavity
The MX-100 is designed with a variety of technologies that contribute to its extreme forgiveness on off-center hits. The long irons in the set are hybrids, while the mid-irons (seen here) feature an ultra-deep cavity to help produce an easy, high launch.
Forged Forgiveness
The one-piece forged design of the MX-200, in combination with Y-Tune technology, provides what Mizuno reps say is the “ultimate combination of forgiveness and feel.” A CNC-milled pocket cavity that lowers the CG has a lot to do with both.

A playable muscle-back?
Yes, due to a patented CNC-milled pocket cavity (hidden beneath the Mizuno logo), 14 grams of weight are redistributed in the club’s head to create a lower and deeper CG location. Significantly better forgiveness and improved feel are the direct result.
Grain flow goodness
Like all Mizuno forged irons, the MP-52 features the company’s patented Grain Flow Forged construction for uncompromised feel. Other features include a rolled leading edge, cambered mid-sole, beveled trailing edge, and modified U-grooves.
Dual Muscle Power
Designed to take muscleback performance to “the next level,” Mizuno’s new Dual Muscle Technology features an outer muscle that optimizes CG location as well as an inner muscle that creates the feedback and workability that better players demand.

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