New Steel

Check Out Cleveland's New High Tech Irons

New SteelThink maybe somebody down in Huntington Beach is a USC Trojan fan? Perhaps, but the college football stalwart USC has nothing to do with a pair of the newest, most innovative irons to come from Cleveland Golf’s HQ. Called the CG RED ($699) and CG GOLD irons ($599), these two models are loaded with a host of next-generation technologies designed to accommodate virtually any type of player.

Lowered CG
By redistributing 10 grams low and away from the clubface, both CG models have an enhanced MOI for greater stability and forgiveness on shots hit away from the center of the clubface.

New SteelMicro-Cavity Technology
Having one big cavity isn’t enough, so Cleveland employed Micro-Cavity technology (MCT). It enhances the strength of the topline and redistributes weight to the clubhead’s perimeter, thus preventing the iron from distorting and twisting on off-center strikes. Impact vibration waves are also dampened, thanks to the MCT, resulting in a pure, buttery feel.

The new Gelback technology located in the lower cavity of each iron is a visco-elastic, vibration-dampening material that serves to reduce unwanted vibration on off-center strikes. The CG RED has a firmer Gelback insert for the player who wants a little more feedback on off-center hits without compromising the Gelback’s vibration-dampening effects.

New SteelCustom Fit
What good is a great iron if it doesn’t fit? Both the CG GOLD and CG RED are equipped with hosel marks that indicate if the lie angle is flat, standard or upright. The CG RED features less offset and a thinner topline than the CG GOLD and a more compact clubface and clubhead shape, as well as a firmer Gelback insert. In short, better players will dig the CG REDs, but the CG GOLDs were designed for everyone—low- and high-handicappers alike. Also, the CG RED irons come standard with Dynamic Gold steel shafts. The CG GOLDs come with Action Lite steel shafts or in CG GOLD graphite. Custom shaft options are available in both models._Ê

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