The Dual Hosel Straightaway Driver

Best Scoring Golf Club You’ll Ever Own

We all know the pressure at that first hole when we use the driver to tee off. We can feel the eyes upon us – the group we are playing with and the groups waiting to take their turn.

The pressure is enough to choke and whiff your drive

The Dual Hosel StraightAway Golf Driver was designed for the beginner golf player or the seasoned golf player who wants to improve their game.



Since early childhood, Paul Bonfilio has been inspired to solve problems through design and construction in all areas of his career. Born to Italian immigrant parents in New York, he grew up watching his inventor father design and fabricate complicated metal pieces, creating working prototypes of his inventions.

Well informed and inspired by his fathers work, Bonfilio has innovated and patented several inventions. He’s also an author, an accomplished architect, designer, city planner, and world renowned model maker.

After retiring from his architecture practice in 2021, he took up golf to get some exercise and spend time with friends. His competitive nature and lousy drive shot kickstarted the problem solver and inventor in him. He began to design and develop this radical new golf club that corrects the fatal flaw of a traditional club. With the help of Nassau Precision Casting Company, the Dual Hosel StraightAway Driver has been developed to eliminate the slice and hook in the club so golfers can focus on their swing.


Enjoy your game without the typical frustrations and difficulties of the Driver Club. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be hitting the ball straight down the fairway, ensuring a great start to your game and the confidence to play lights out!   Get your Dual Hosel Straightaway Driver: ORDER NOW!

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