PGA Show Day 2: 5 Can’t-Miss Golf Products

The Orange County Convention Center opened at 8:30 a.m. sharp on Jan. 23 for the PGA of America’s annual three-day parade of equipment, apparel, gadgetry and every other kind of golf gear one can conceive of, and some even the most dedicated follower of technology, form and fashion couldn’t imagine a year ago. Golf Tips is on the vast showroom floor all week scouring booths for products we’d love to take home. Here’s Wednesday’s top five:


We thought we’d seen it all in the adjustable big stick realm, then U.K.-based company Lynx Golf — as venerable a name in the biz as any company — today rolled the world’s first adjustable swappable face. That’s right: Turn a few star screws and you can change the loft of that beast the proper way with what Lynx aptly calls Switch-Face Technology (SFT). The entire hitting face of the driver is completely removable.

The ‘First Look’ launch of this revolutionary product comes with an array of detachable faces with different lofts available to choose from, the golfer can simply remove one face and replace it with another of a different loft.

Loft and face angles are among the most significant contributors to ball launch angles and spin rates and Lynx’s SFT means the golfer is always playing with true loft. The loft angle stated on each entirely separate striking face is the loft angle that is always presented at address, critically while keeping the clubhead square to the ball.

Driver face plates with 1-2 degree open and closed settings are also available for those golfers preferring a draw or fade bias in conjunction with a true loft setting where only the angle of the face plate is altered. At address, the clubhead itself remains square to the ball. And what’s more important than that?

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