MagnetOwl, A Revolutionary Golf Accessory

Offering golfers convenience and versatility out on the golf course
Introducing the MagnetOwl, a revolutionary golf accessory that combines the traditional utility of a golf towel with the convenience of a removable magnet, and ball marker, offering golfers a versatile and practical solution when out on the course.
  • STICKS TO ANYTHING METAL: The MagnetOwl can securely attach itself to your Golf Clubs, Golf Cart, or anything made of metal so you can conveniently take it everywhere with you. From fairway, to greenside, your golf towel and marker will always be within reach.
  • 2 BALL MARKERS: Included with every MagnetOwl are 2 high quality metal raised Ball Markers. One poker chip sized ball marker (40 mm), and one mini ball marker (25 mm). So you never have to worry about not having a ball marker with you again.
  • EASILY SWAP OUT TOWELS: Want to use a different towel, or wash your favorite one? Easily remove and swap out your golf towel in only a few seconds.
  • USE ANY TOWEL: Have a towel you love to use, well the MagnetOwl fits any and all types of towel, including Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, and Microfiber to just name a few.
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH MAGNETS: One of the strongest magnets in golf, the 25 lb. pull securely holds the MagnetOwl so you always have it within reach.

Whether you have a favorite golf towel or want to use one of ours, the MagnetOwl is the ultimate magnetic golf towel. Order yours today: MagnetOwl


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