Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Two great options from BonFit

BonFit has exactly what dad's looking for this father's day.



Take control of your first shot, drive farther, and set the tone for a dominant round. Dial in your distance and accuracy with brush-t.

After years of experimentation, we’ve created the best performance golf tee that helps reduce problematic variables giving you more distance and your best shot ever. Brush-t promotes clean strikes that instill confidence from the opening hole.


Brush-t tees deliver pure connection for drives that find the short grass consistently.


  • Fast Flex bristles reduce variables for cleaner shots and farther drives
  • Base stop design allows consistent height every time
  • Conforms to the rulings of the USGA and R&A
  • Proven to increase distance +7 yards and reduce deflection by 2 degrees
  • Clubhead safe when driving off flexible bristles

For more information visit: Brust-T

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Play Nine

Golf, strategy, and a stroke of luck. Play Nine is the golf themed card game that is perfect for a casual game night. Just like your golf swing, there’s plenty of chance in this golf game with a mix of strategic elements that’ll have your group entertained for hours. With easy-to-learn instructions, you’ll have the whole group playing in no time.



For more information visit: Play Nine

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