Go Lugless And Ship Your Clubs

New Service Saves Money, Time And Effort

In the nickel-and-dime economic model of today’s airline business, hauling your precious set of clubs across the country for a long-planned buddy trip can get downright daunting in terms of cost. But there’s a new service called Lugless that’ll soften the financial blow of traveling for golf, and do so efficiently and simply.

In short, LugLess will ship your clubs to their final destination for much less than traditional checked baggage fees — as little as $15 — and eliminate the strain of, yeah, lugging them from car to airline terminal, standing in the check-in line, pulling them up to the counter, shelling out the fifty bucks minimum for privilege of having them tossed in with the rest of the airline’s bags, then tracking them down in the “oversized” bit at your destination … you know the drill.

lugless chart

Fact is, travelers will pay more than $4.5 billion in checked baggage fees this year in the US alone. Developed by a group of travel and logistics experts, Lugless offers an affordable way around that.

Here’s how it works (see chart above):

  1. A couple days before your trip, pack your clubs up in their travel case as you normally would
  2. Head for lugless.com and follow the prompts to choose the number of bags you’re shipping and your destination.
  3. Pay the lowest possible shipping fee; Lugless’ software is integrated with several shipping companies to find the best rates and print labels instantly.
  4. Take your shipment to the closest FedEx/UPS drop-off spot.
  5. Hop on the plane, take your flight and pick your clubs up on the other side at a predetermined shipping center. For an extra fee you can also arrange to have them delivered to your designated doorstep. Other additional services include insurance coverage and live support.

Simple, efficient and painless. Pretty cool, and it’ll work not just for clubs, but any big bags you’d rather not have to check.

“I shipped my golf clubs from Alabama to Texas the weekend before Christmas using Lugless at the lowest rate they offered,” said one Lugless customer in an online review. “I was expecting them to take one week but in actuality, they shipped on a Friday and arrived at my designated UPS hold facility the next day. I’m more than impressed and won’t ever bother to check my clubs on a flight again…it saved a LOT of hassle!”

Sounds like a plan to us. We’re on board.

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