FlasKap Keeps Golf Drinks Flowing

FlasKapTired of that leaky flask you stick in your bag, only to find that the precious single malt inside is half gone or too hot to drink? FlasKap is the first flask built into a tumbler-style lid. It fits securely onto most standard stainless steel “YETI style” tumblers and is aimed at campers, fishermen, tailgaters, outdoor enthusiasts … and, yes, golfers.

The FlasKap holds up to five ounces and while intended for liquor, can also hold other drink additions in the transfer chamber. The dispense button releases half a shot (0.5 oz.) of the liquor or flavoring to the beverage in the tumbler below. Founders Cailley and Drew Tonn are outdoor enthusiasts and have been product testing the FlasKap for over a year. Drew Tonn shares, “my main goal was to have a reservoir with a metered dispensing function. When I achieved that I incorporated other improvements such as a sipping hole large enough for a straw and superior thermal- insulating properties. The built-in flask allows you to make your drink as strong or light as you want. Plus, as your ice melts you can add more to your drink so it doesn’t get watered down.”

The FlasKap is clear, splash-resistant, dishwasher safe, insulating and BPA-free. The food grade stainless steel rod and double piston transfer alcohol. The FlasKap dispense button screws onto the end of the stainless steel rod is made of a tough and reliable plastic.

FlasKap is currently on www.kickstarter.com and plans to start distribution in December.

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