Bushnell’s “Wingman View” Big Hit with Golfers

Wingman View Packed With Impressive Features

Wingman View

The Wingman View allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and get both audible and visual distances around the course. It features high quality audio combined with a viewable LCD screen that provides distance and music information.



HIT THE BUTTON FOR AUDIBLE FRONT, CENTER, BACK OF GREEN CALL-OUTS: Get audible distance readings, from 36,000+ courses worldwide, through the Wingman View by simply pressing the remote button.

AUDIBLE 1ST TEE INTRODUCTIONS & CUSTOM SOUND BITES: Get these by simply clicking the Bushnell button on the remote.
VIEW HAZARD DISTANCES: Get up to 6 audible and viewable hazard distances per hole on the Wingman View with the LCD screen.
INTEGRATED BITE MAGNETIC CART MOUNT: Wingman View features Bushnell’s franchise feature BITE magnetic mount that allows you to easily attach the Wingman View right on the cart bar.
REMOVABLE BITE REMOTE: The redesigned Wingman View remote allows you to get GPS distances, adjust volume, change songs, play sound bites and 1st tee introductions.
NEW BUSHNELL GOLF APP: The Bushnell Golf app provides additional product benefits, information and data to further help improve your game, as well as access to easily be able to update your GPS device (for 2021 GPS products and beyond).

Bushnell’s “Wingman View” just $199.00US! A must have for any golfer.
Grab yours today BUSHNELL GOLF

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