Nexus & Golf Band: Rangefinder For The Rest Of Us

A lookout Precision Pro's new rangefinders

OK, it’s finally time to bite the bullet and put a reliable, accurate and versatile laser rangefinder in your bag. So, you can expect it to take a big bite out of your budget, right?

Nope. Meet the Nexus Laser Rangefinder, which goes for under $200. Designed to be easy to use with an ergonomic design, durable construction, and one-yard accuracy, it’s priced with all golfers in mind at $199.

Clay Hood, Co-founder and PGA member explains, “The Nexus laser rangefinder encompasses all the elements a golfer requires in a laser rangefinder at a reasonable price. We have even added the 1/10th yard measurements, a feature normally reserved for $400 or $500 rangefinders.”

With a stylishly designed outer casing, soft-coat material, sleek design and green nose plate, the Nexus rangefinder fits perfectly in your hand and is rugged enough for the everyday riggers on the golf course. The internal optics components are second to none featuring the Advanced Target Lock Function, Dynamic Scanning Technology (D.S.T), dual coated lenses, and 1-yard accuracy with 1/10th yard measurements (124.6 yards). With the Advanced Target Lock Function, the Nexus Laser Rangefinder scans both the background and flag (or target) to decipher the accurate distance. The Advanced Target Lock eliminates the background yardages and locks in on the flag to give you an accurate distance reading in less than 2 seconds. The Dynamic Scanning Technology allows you to scan multiple targets (trees, layups, hazards) and get numerous distances quickly.

GOLF-BAND-WEBRather put that rangefinder power on your wrist? The GPS Golf Band ($179) is the future of distance. It is the thinnest, lightest (weighs just 1.2 oz.), most comfortable GPS wearable available. The featherweight and glove friendly design ensures not to interfere with your swing. The streamlined interface with auto hole recognition and out of the box usability ensures ease of use for any golfer. You’ll get:

• 34,000 Preloaded Courses powered by iGolf.
• Distance up to four hazards per hole
• Auto Course Recognition: The GPS GOLF BAND will display the closest courses based on your location.
• Auto Hole Advancement: after leaving a green and reaching the next hole the GPS Golf Band will automatically change to your current hole. If you start in the middle of the course or skip a hole you can easily toggle to your correct hole.
• Shot Distance Measurement Feature: this allows you to measure the distance from one point to another, making it easy to measure how far your ball travelled.
• USGA Tournament Legal: you should always check with the rules committee, but the GPS Golf Band is legal for tournaments that allow distance measuring devices.

The GPS Golf Band can be worn as a watch, providing the time and date when not in GPS golf mode. It offers eight hourse of GPS battery life and is waterproof down to 30 feet. Available in White or Midnight Blue.

Special offer for the Nexus Rangefinder: From April 1 to May 31, 2016, you can get a $30 rebate on the Nexus. It must be purchased from an authorized retailer between 04/01/2016 and 05/31/2016 to be eligible for mail-in rebate. Redemption form must be postmarked by 06/15/2016 to be eligible. Redemption is only available in the United States. Details at

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