Light Therapy Device Relieves Golf Aches & Pains

Joovv Light Promotes Healing & Faster Recovery

Joovv Light Therapy

Golfers often utter the phrase “green light” when conditions look perfect for going straight at the pin. But thanks to new light therapy technology, it’s time to slip the words “red light” into the golf conversation — in a good, healthy way. A company called Joovv has created an affordable home-use device uses high-powered LEDs to emit red and near infrared wavelengths through your skin. Clinical studies show that light therapy naturally aids the body in recovery and healing, sports therapists, athletes, and doctors are using it to treat muscle, fatigue, bone and joint injuries, arthritis, and a lot more.

The Joovv Light hangs on the back of any door and delivers a safe, clinically significant dose of light energy in just five minutes a day. The best part? The entry-level Joovv Light starts at $495.

UFC fighters, former Crossfit champions, and professional baseball players already incorporate the Joovv Light into their daily regimen, and it’s a perfect solution for golfers struggling with everything from run-of-the-mill muscle aches and strains — through repeated motion, overcompensation, aging, whatever — and looking for relief beyond the temporary (over-the-counter pills) or out-of-reach expensive (periodic trips to a high-end rehab facility, for instance).

Scott Nelson, one of the founders of Joovv, offers a deeper look at what his company’s products offer via their blog:

“Light therapy has been used for years to treat an array of medical conditions and diseases, from skin conditions like psoriasis to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression and most of these studies have focused on broad-spectrum and UV light — the “shortest” types of light waves. But it’s only been more recently that scientists have begun studying the effects of light waves at the other end of the spectrum — red and near infrared (NIR) waves. Like UV waves, red and near infrared waves can penetrate the skin — triggering chemical and other physiological actions deep inside the tissues. And now, medical researchers are beginning to realize how important those mechanisms can be in promoting good health, specifically for the repair of damaged tissues.

“One of the primary ways light therapy helps promote better muscle health and function is by preventing or limiting muscle fatigue, which naturally occurs as a result of physical activity — especially strenuous exercise and training (and yes, golf can be strenuous). In fact, research shows red and infrared light therapy is effective in preventing muscle fatigue and enhancing skeletal muscle performance.

“So how does light therapy reduce muscle fatigue and repair cells? At the most basic level, red and NIR light therapy improve the mitochondria respiration cycle and help mitochondria produce energy more efficiently — and that means muscles are less likely to suffer from fatigue. That’s it in a nutshell, but of course, the physiologic mechanisms behind all these benefits is a lot more complex. For instance, application of red and near infrared light helps promote production of antioxidants which play a central role in reducing oxidative stress associated with muscle fatigue. And they also increase the production of heat proteins — special proteins that help protect cells from stress and early cell death (apoptosis). Plus, light therapy helps reduce inflammation that can lead to cell damage. Some studies have shown an increase in microcirculation following light therapy, indicating tissues are more able to receive oxygen and other nutrients important for tissue healing – in addition to ridding themselves of toxic byproducts.”

Few toxins, healthier skin and muscles, more strength, more energy — all are in view when it comes to using red light for quicker muscle recovery and overall health. And that means a green light for more golf … with a heckuva lot less pain.

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