July-August 2009

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Four New Adjustable Drivers

Nike’s Dymo STR8-FIT ($399) gives you eight different ballflight options (three open positions that minimize hooks, two neutral positions that optimize launch angle and three closed positions that minimize slices). It features a 460cc head and a UST Proforce AXIV Core shaft (in five flexes), and comes in either a square or round clubhead shape.

Cobra‘s new L5V ($399) features a composite body, titanium clubface and adjustable-hosel sleeve. Unlike the other adjustable-hosel offerings, its hosel only allows you to change its setting between a neutral and draw bias. It’s available in M (76-97 mph swing speed), F (87-108 mph) and X (104+ mph) models, each of which features a swing-weight screw geared for a specific skill set, and comes with a Mitsubishi Diamana Red shaft.

Incorporating the same Flight Control Technology found on the popular R9, TaylorMade introduces the R9 460 ($299). Featuring a 460cc clubhead (the original R9’s clubhead ranges from 418cc to 422cc), you still can change the loft, and face and lie angles, but there’s no moveable-weight technology. It features Inverted Cone Technology to promote maximum forgiveness on off-center hits and a deep CG for a higher launch.

With 26 different loft, lie-angle and face-angle settings, Nickent‘s new 4DX Evolver ($279-$299) features “CYG Technology” (Change Your Game) and claims the spot as golf’s most adjustable driver. The new, lightweight hosel allows players to change the club’s face angle up to three degrees in all directions. That means you not only can change your ballflight from slice to hook (and everything in between), but you also can alter the trajectory of your shots (like on windy days when you can decrease its loft to hit lower shots).

Cobra l5v

Taylormade r9 460

Nickent 4dx Evolver

The customization capabilities of all four drivers represent a new era for self-clubfitting that has made on-the-fly adjustments easier than we ever thought possible.


Cleveland‘s upgraded Club Count Technology Cart Bag ($279) features a small key-chain remote that activates or shuts off the alarm. Alarm, you say? The Club Count recognizes when you have the correct number of clubs in it. A club left behind triggers a subtle alarm, so you won’t lose it.

Mizuno AeroLite


The redesigned Mizuno AeroLite ($129) is a durable, lightweight stand bag that features the company’s patented Kabuki Top Cuff to help minimize” clatter damage” to clubheads. Weighs four pounds and comes in four colors.

Even though it’s considerably smaller than your average stand bag, PING‘s Moon-Lite II ($59) holds a full set of clubs and is easy to lift off the ground, thanks to a nifty standing strap. Another benefit is a hinged internal stay that allows the bag to fold in half for easy storage. Weighs two pounds.


Equipped with the Gyroscopic navigation system, Bag Boy’s new, highly intuitive Navigator 2 ($1,995) is six inches shorter in length than the original Navigator and takes up 20% less space when folded.

Sun Mountain’s latest travel bag comes in three styles (ClubGlider Pro, shown, $349) and is big enough to accommodate one staff bag or two carry bags. Each ClubGlider features extendable legs and wheels that prop up the bag and eliminate repeated bending and lifting.

Rocket Tour Headcovers ($29) have made a real splash on the PGA Tour the last few years, including a guest appearance in this year’s Masters playoff. Each headcover comes with extra Velcro_¨ numbers so you can switch them out on different clubs.

Stylish and sporty, Boll_©‘s Rally ($140-$170) sunglasses have Thermogrip adjustable nose pads and Wire-Core adjustable temple tips for a secure, comfortable fit. Fits medium to large faces and features polarized lenses. Available in four different frame colors.

Tifosi‘s very affordable Helo frames ($39)
are featured in the company’s sport fashion line because it’s just as acceptable to wear them on the course as off. The frames come with the company’s GT (“Golf/Tennis”) polycarbonate lens that’s designed to help golfers to better see the ball while in flight. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and come with a hard case and cleaning bag.

Tag Heuer‘s 27_¡ AIR ($245-$365) feature a single frame design and 18 interchangeable shields (one for each hole on the golf course). The Polarized Brown Precision shield (shown) is recommended for golf.

_È_Adidas’ Adilibria Half Rim ($160) glasses for women feature a TRI.FIT temple that adjusts 8_¡ for a better fit and a Double-Snap nose bridge that adjusts how they sit on your nose. Available in four frame designs (Shiny Berry/Mauve shown); also features an RX Optical Adapter.

How old is your current driver?

Less Than One Year: 27%
One+ Years: 22%
Two+ Years: 19%
Three+ Years: 13%
More Than Four Years: 19%
Source: golftipsmag.com


Cleveland Golf‘s TS Hydro Kool Cap ($19) features a moisture-wicking material and medium-depth crown, plus an adjustable back closure for a perfect fit. Comes in red, navy, charcoal, black and white.

The new Davek ($80-$140) umbrella can withstand 60 mph winds. How? Its frame has flexible carbon-polymer ligaments, and its shaft is 100% steel. Plus, its canopy features a 190-thread-count microweave fabric. Comes in five colors and features an anchor spike that can keep it lodged in the ground.

DriGrip Sunscreen ($9.95) is a non-oily, powder-dry sunscreen and is perfect for the golf course where a good grip is paramount. The official sunscreen of the LPGA, DriGrip comes in SPF 30.


“Are Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim Getting Smaller (by using smaller driver heads)?”

Tiger is on record saying he’s always preferred a smaller head, which makes sense when you’re a Tour player who misses the sweet spot a lot less often than we do.

Also, a smaller head helps prevent too much backspin–a common frustration fast swingers have when using 460cc heads. readytobuy.blogspot.com

Looking for a stable, smooth golf shaft, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? You’ll find it in Mitsubishi Rayon‘s new JAVLNFX V-Series ($150), which incorporates a proprietary carbon fiber called MR60H throughout the shaft. The V-Series offers a slightly lower kick point than the original M-Series, but a comparable torque value. Comes in five different flex/weight options, all with a mid to high kick point. Great for golfers of all skill levels.

CORRECTION: In our May issue, we listed the price of Mitsubishi’s Fubuki Tour shaft as $129. Correct price is $299. We apologize for the error.

If you want to make a modern golf swing, then you have to be flexible. The ProFlex Stretching Machine ($499) helps you do that. It measures both upper- and lower-body progress, ensures proper spine angle and provides an assisted stretch so you can relax while using it. Used by numerous Tour pros, it increases flexibility, helps prevent injury, improves relaxation, reduces stress and improves circulation. It requires just six bolts for assembly and comes with a six-month warranty. Weighs 80 pounds.

Designed for ultimate forgiveness, the hybrid Black Magic Wedge ($99) comes in four different models (PW, GW, SW and LW). Each comes with a free headcover and a short-game tip booklet. Custom orders available over the phone at no additional charge. Call (877) 799-6099 for more information.

Named “Best New Product” at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, the Frogger Golf Towel ($25) is twice the surface area as a standard towel and stays both wet and dry whether it’s rainy or sunny. Available in three colors.

From the folks who brought you the Zero Friction golf tee, comes the ZF Distance golf ball. This affordable ($20/dozen) Surlyn-covered, two-piece offering features a shallow, 312-dimple pattern that helps it bore through the air for more distance. Plus, it’s 100% renewable, with an 80 compression rating. Comes with three Zero Friction tees of varying length.

Want to add a new weapon to your arsenal? Here are some surefire options.

Cleveland Launcher Fairway Woods
What it is: The Mini-Me version of the Launcher Driver. It sports a razor-thin crown, huge clubface (11% larger than any previous Launcher fairway wood) and a horseshoe weight pad in the rear.

How it works: With the horseshoe weight pad, expect a higher trajectory and more spin.

Why you need it: Its MOI measures over 3,000, which makes it extremely stable, so mis-hits stay online longer and go farther. Plus, it’s awesome from the turf. A nifty feature is its three different 3-wood lofts (13_¡, 15_¡, 17_¡). Each produces a different trajectory.

Tech Highlights: Comes in five lofts (13_¡, 15_¡, 17_¡, 19_¡, 22_¡) with Fujikura Fit-On shafts (custom options available, too); 15_¡ and 19_¡ available in left-handed models. clevelandgolf.com $179

Mizuno MP-52 Irons
What it is: Dubbed the “most playable MP iron ever,” these sticks have a Dual Muscle back combined with a pocket-cavity design. This means you have the trajectory control of a blade and the forgiveness of a cavity.

How it works: Its unique CNC-milled pocket cavity provides a lower and deeper CG, while maintaining thickness behind the impact area for a solid feel. Its modified U-grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maxi-mum playability no matter what the conditions.

Why you need it: MP purists will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can own a forged iron with some extra forgiveness.

Tech Highlights: Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel provides the ultimate soft, solid and consistent feel. Lineup: 3-PW in Dynamic Gold or Project X steel shafts.mizunousa.com $900

Bridgestone J36 Hybrid
What it is: Designed for better players, the J36 hybrid has a square face angle and is built to give golfers the ability to hit all kinds of shots.

How it works: Has weight pads in the sole that increase its MOI (so it resists twisting and is more forgiving). A progressively sharper leading edge helps to reduce skipping at impact. C.A.D. radius sole design limits turf interference.

Why you need it: If your skill level falls between professional and mid-handicapper, and you want to hit a variety of shots, these long-iron alternatives are for you.

Tech Highlights: The J36 has a 17-4 stainless-steel head design and comes in four different lofts (16_¡, 19_¡, 22_¡, 25_¡). Add on the Aldila VS Proto 80 Hybrid shaft, and you have a real scoring club.bridgestonegolf.com $179

PING i-Series 1__ã2 Craz-E B
What it is: PING’s i-Series lineup includes almost every putter style PING has ever offered. But we suggest you pick up the 1__ã2 Craz-E B (as in “Belly”) putter. Why? Angel Cabrera just used it to win the Masters.

How it works: The 1__ã2 Craz-E belly version places the butt end of the grip in your abdomen for extra stability and balance, and makes it easier to make a pendulum stroke.

Why you need it: If you have trouble quieting your smaller wrist muscles during the stroke.

Tech Highlights: A thick urethane insert and black, white and orange alignment aids make the i-Series one of PING’s softest putters. Features a stainless-steel putterhead. Standard weight, 42 inches long. Other i-Series designs include 1__ã2 Craz-E, 1__ã2 Craz-E L, 1__ã2 Moon, Anser, B60, Craz-E, Zing and others.pinggolf.com $160

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