Hot Golf Products for Summer 2016

Colorful new golf balls, a pain-fighting glove, distance clips, a Pebble Beach book and more

Warm Up July 2016


It’s as inevitable as death, taxes and double-bogeys: If you’re a golfer, somewhere along the line those hands are gonna start hurting. Fatigue, arthritis, basic muscle ache, whatever — thousands of gribs over a lifetime will take their toll. That’s where Pocketec’s new grip comes in. The pain relief properties of its copper-infused technology, combined with compression fit, help soothe joint, muscle and arthritic pain enabling golfers to play comfortably all year long. Copper Tech gloves are made for both men and women and are like having three gloves in one. Each is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fit so one size fits all. They expand and contract to fit men and women sizes small to extra-large. Their non-slip patent-pending spider weave silicon technology reduces wear and allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance, even in wet conditions. Copper Tech’s patent-pending design gives the golfer a true custom fit with the power of compression for better blood circulation that helps soothe muscle and joint pain while reducing the recovery time from pain in your hands and improving performance while you play. Applause, please!


Warm Up July 2016 Warm Up July 2016


Fitness-minded golfers are no strangers to resistance bands, those stretchy strands of rubber that help strengthen the body from shoulders to ankles. But The MISIG — which stands for the Most Important Stretch in Golf — is something new, a complete golf performance program that includes a stretching program, swing training program and exercise program designed around one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing: the takeaway. Consisting of three bands of varying lengths and thicknesses depending on one’s fitness level, which attach to an upper arm band on one end and a sliding, padded handle on the other, the MISIG builds muscle memory and develops a proper takeaway as you slide the handle along a plastic shaft from address to the top of the backswing. By keeping the elbow locked through extension and wrists hinging properly, golfers can develop an increased range of motion, more degrees in the backswing and faster clubhead speed. “There are numerous benefits from stretching and using the Most Important Stretch in Golf,” said inventor and owner, Bernie Fay. “MISIG is a great tool for instructors and rehabilitation specialists as well.” Simply make the MISIG a part of your daily training or warm-up routine by sliding the handle five to six times up the bar per set. You’ll quickly develop stronger golf muscles and avoid injuries due to increased flexibility, loosened tendons and muscles, and improved extension — and also gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing, including the proper transition at the top.

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Warm Up July 2016


No one knows the colors and contours of Pebble Beach better than photographer and former LPGA player Joann Dost, and her new book, “The Ultimate Round – Pebble Beach Golf Links: An Illustrated Guide to America’s Majestic Dream Course,” proves it. The tome combines breathtaking hole-by-hole imagery and state-of-the-art graphics with historical anecdotes for each hole and essays by golf industry notables, and some lively cartoon graphics, as well. “Pebble Beach and Joann Dost—a pair of American treasures,” says Jim Nantz, CBS Sportscaster and Pebble Beach resident. “This book brings you as close to actually playing this classic seaside links course as only Joann can. Enjoy all the majesty of this hole-by-hole experience.” The book includes quotes by 14 professional players and industry icons, including five members of the World Golf Hall of Fame – Amy Alcott, Ben Crenshaw, Juli Inkster, Johnny Miller, and Tom Watson. Its hole-by-hole vignettes are highlighted with 3-D digital renderings by Best Approach Publications, an industry leader in yardage guide and scorecards. “This project represents the pinnacle of my career,” Dost said.

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Warm Up July 2016


So, do you hit the same club the same distance through the years, no matter what? We didn’t think so, which makes these why-didn’t-we-think-of-that Distance Clips such a simple solution to the guesswork of club selection, from long irons through wedges. Each packet contains small nylon clips numbered from 200 to 40 yards in 10-yard increments; after some time on the range hitting each club and dialing in the distance with each, you just snap the appropriate average yardage number onto the shaft of each iron, next to the hosel, where it’s easily visible in the bag. For instance, if you’re knocking the 5-iron 170 yards, match it up with that clip and you’re good to go. If you get fitted for a new set, hone your move via lessons and/or gain more flexibility, chances are you’ll add 7 to 10 yards to each club — so you just swap out the Distance Clip to the new number. Before long the actual club’s number won’t matter. Everything you need to know is right on that clip, and more pars and birdies are sure to follow.


Warm Up July 2016


Want to add some color to your golfin’ life? Look no further than the new Varick Golf Ball. Launched this spring by Starting Time, the developer, designer and exclusive distributor of a variety of golf products throughout the United States and Canada, the balls conform with the USGA rules of golf while adding a little bling to the game. They’re high-performance, metallic and neon-patterned balls certain to turn heads at the golf course. They come in eight colors and are available in “Classic” and “Bright” assortment boxes of a dozen, as well as boxed sets and tubes of three balls. “In addition to their unique look, Varick golf balls conform with the rules of golf, so they won’t impact scores on the course,” said Hugh Penton, President of Starting Time. Plus, they deliver great, distance, feel and accuracy.

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