GolfLogix: Analyze And Improve Your Game

Of the many golf game tracking apps out there, GolfLogix is among the best and easiest to use.

Modern technology is a boon for game improvement purposes. Why? We tend to have this love-hate relationship with golf. During a round, we reach the peak of excitement with perfect contact with the ball that leads to a perfect drive. In the same round, we find ourselves so utterly frustrated with ourselves when we miss that eight-foot putt to save par. It is a never-ending roller coaster in the midst of lush, green landscapes.

GolfLogix is a powerful GPS app that also offers game tracking technology.

That’s part of the reason it is so addicting. We are consistently looking to sort out ways to become a better golfer. We take lessons and watch the pros play with the anticipation we will learn the secret to being a 1 handicap. It is a very mentally challenging game to play and we work hard to keep our emotions from affecting the way we play. The good news is that there is a way to take your golf game to the next level. The effective way to do this is by utilizing an analytical approach with your game.

One answer to this is the effectively analytical app designed to work on smartphones called GolfLogix. Besides its GPS capabilith, one of the lesser known functions of the app is its built-in tools for subscribers to use to help track their overall golf game. Utilizing features such as track your individual clubs to accuracy with each ball placement allows golfers to take their game to a data analytical approach. With the data input, golferas can now see their progress over time after reviewing their results and set goals to push themselves to the next level.


golflogix screenshotsWith GolfLogix activated and tracking for the round, you can select your driver or other club from your tee shot. Once you arrive at your ball on the fairway or rough, you can tell the app exactly where the ball went using GPS. Doing this for each individual shot over the course of three to four rounds will reveal a plethora of data to review for each club. You’ll have a better idea of exact distances for each club, making selection easier in the future. The next step will be to analyze your accuracy through ball placement.


Once you’ve used the track your club feature, you are already gathering ball placement information. You’ll be able to go back and see how your accuracy is for any given shot. For example, you’ll be able to compile on the info regarding for your approach shots; with enough shots, you’ll be able to see how effective you are at hitting the green when you are 100 to 180 yards out. In addition, if you are not hitting the green, you can see if you typically go left or right of the green. This becomes a simple adjustment to your shot and easy enough to track.


So, now you’ve done. You’ve been gathering the data like a science experiment. It’s time to review your results. You can analyze how consistent you are with your distances with certain clubs. Maybe one club is performing sub-optimally and ripe for replacement. Now you will have data to support a $200 plus purchase.


It is now time to improve your game. Set goals for each club. Design your goal system on a timeline of when you want to achieve them. Improve your approach and accuracy and quite literally see how you improve over time. I’ve seen individuals shave 5-7 strokes off their score in as little as 6 months and 10 rounds by analyzing and improving their game based on what they learn from data.

So there you have it. Golf Logix provides you with the tools to truly analyze your game like an engineer. Data analyzing is a proven and effective for anything that can be measured. So, take the next and analyze your game by tracking your shots and set boundaries and goals for improving your game. Before you know, you will be noticing an improvement in your score and winning more bets with your friends on the course. And the latest version of the app also provides green reading capability. It’s available for download for both iPhone and Android.

Caleb Amundson is Vice President of, an online golf cart parts store designed for fleet managers and consumers alike. He is a golfer and has been in the golf industry for over 6 years now working with golf cart fleet managers from a dealer level and also worked as a manufacturer rep for a major Golf Cart OEM. Reach him at

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