February-March 2007

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Now Playing Now Playing: Skycaddie SG4
Have you ever wanted every course you’ve played (and are going to play) at your fingertips? Now you can, thanks to the all-new SkyCaddie SG4 ($349), the most state-of-the-art SkyCaddie yet. Featuring a sleek new design, the SG4 features SkyGolf’s patented IntelliGreen technology, enabling golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach, along with showing distances for all targets and hazards on any of SkyGolf’s many thousands of professionally mapped courses. The SG4 also comes with a bonus SD Memory Card Slot for future memory expansion and software upgrades. For more information and where to buy, visit www.skygolf.com.

Hot Features
_Ê ” Large LCD screen for enhanced target display
_Ê ” Patented IntelliGreen technology provides the full depth of the green from any angle of approach, plus the distance to any point on the green
_Ê ” Course-management features with ability to provide distances to hazards
_Ê ” Water resistance for play in all weather conditions
_Ê ” Powered by a lithium rechargeable battery
_Ê ” SD Card Slot for future memory expansion
_Ê ” Conforms to USGA ruling

Training Aids
Still unsure about how to get your game back on track after a layoff? Training aids have become en vogue once again, with the proliferation of several devices designed to help you get your golf game in peak condition. We admit, some training aids do little to actually help, but there are a handful that really do make a difference and can be advantageous to own. The following training aids not only work, they’ll help you practice and play better all season long.

The Stance Minder
www.stanceminder.com Stance Minder
What it does: Better golfers know that proper alignment is key. The Stance Minder enables golfers to customize their ball position, stance and posture.
How it helps: You can’t score if you aren’t set up right. This will help fix everything before you swing.

Izzo EZ Roller
Izzo EZ Roller What it does: One of many new training aids from Izzo, the EZ Roller features an aperture to place a golf ball in, with the intent of simulating a smooth roll.
How it helps: The EZ Roller forces golfers to make a smooth, nonhitting putting stroke. Bye-bye, yips.

Golf IQ Accuracy Package
Golf IQ Accuracy Package What it does: This multi-aid kit has five different devices geared to helping various parts of the game: a Smash Bag, Practice Pod, Smart Glove, Course Logix software and a Cure Your Slice DVD.
How it helps: The Accuracy Package helps with not just accuracy, but also distance and mechanics.
Matzie Assist
Matzie Assist What it does: The Matzie Assist has been around for a long time (10 years), and its oversized yellow clubhead, bent shaft and molded grip have been swung in golf shops all over the world.
How it helps: The Assist is made to help with better tempo, extension, rhythm and hand movements.

Momentus Power Hitter
Momentus Power Hitter What it does: Designed to be hittable, the Momentus Power Hitter is a heavy-weighted, but proportionally balanced driver. A few swings a day helps to exercise key strength muscles. Five weight classes are available, from 310 grams down to 240 grams.
How it helps: Distance, distance and more distance.

The Swing Speed Radar
Swing Speed Radar What it does: The Swing Speed Radar does what its name implies, which is to analyze a golfer’s swing speed with wedges, irons, fairway woods and drivers.
How it helps: Simple and easy to use, the Swing Speed Radar helps golfers not only monitor their swing speed, but also determine the most optimal speed for consistent ballstriking.

Ben Hogan DVD Hogan’s Heroes

Much has been said about the golf swing that made Ben Hogan among the greatest to ever play the game of golf, but less has been said of the man’s personal life. The Ben Hogan Collection ($89) is a series of three narrated DVDs that chronicle the legacy of Ben Hogan from childhood to adulthood, as well as an interesting look at the “self-made” golf swing of Ben Hogan, as analyzed by Jim McLean. Other bonus features include computer software of Hogan’s swing, a DVD-based swing gallery that features regular-speed and slow-motion capture of Hogan’s moves, a career recap and more. For the scoop on where to buy, visit www.thebenhogancollection.com.

Hi-Tec V Lite Shoes Happy Feet
The new V-Lite ($105) golf shoes from Hi-Tec are so light (about 100 grams lighter than most golf shoes), you might forget you have them on. There are no heavy metal shanks or metallic hardware; rather, the V-Lite is equipped with powerful, nonmetal components that lighten the load and levy an amazingly high level of comfort. In addition to being light, the V-Lite golf shoes retain stability and walking comfort, as well as a long-lasting upper that’s built to hold up to tough weather conditions. Oh yeah, the styling isn’t too shabby, either. For a listing on all of Hi-Tec’s new shoes, visit www.hi-tec.com.

Z Trion Wristbands Invisible Relief
You’ve probably seen several professional golfers wearing them, but what are those two-tone wristbands? The Trion-Z ($19) is one of the latest advancements in cool gear, designed to provide therapeutic relief through the use of magnet technology. By wearing the wristband, Trion-Z claims the bands have a relaxing effect, helping golfers to better focus and control their emotions under stressful situations. Hey, it won’t hurt to give it a try. Golf is a tough enough game as it is. New for ’07 is the hip necklace ($29). For more, visit www.trionz.com.

Ping M Flex Glove Faux Fingers
When PING introduces a new product in a new category, you know it has got to stand up to PING’s notorious quality-control standards. Hence, the company has introduced the new M-Flex ($12), an exceptional golf glove that features a unique, nonleather, micro-fiber composition that’s designed to grip exceptionally well in wet or dry conditions. Surprisingly, the micro-fiber feels very much like Cabretta leather, and in our opinion, breathes even better. Heck, it smells like leather, too. If high-tech hand wear is too “New Age” for you, PING also offers a Cabretta leather model. For more, visit www.pinggolf.com.

Optix Golf Putter Seeing Is Believing
The new MIR-1 putter ($259) from Optix Golf has a mirror surface on the flange of the putter to help golfers not only better align themselves, but also ensure the putter is resting flat on the surface. Now if that seems like a great tool for practice, but too much of a distraction during play, the center flange is easily reversible and can still be very effective without the mirror surface. In addition, the MIR-1 has two pairs of weights (15 grams and 30 grams) that rest in the heel and toe of the putter for a customized feel. Finally, the face and shell of the putter are Brush Tmilled from high-grade aluminum for a putter that aids not only in setup, but also has a great look, feel and sound. For more, visit www.optixgolf.com.

Alternative Tees
If you can get used to the look, then odds are you’ll appreciate how effective the Brush-T ($6 per pack) actually is. Featuring a bristle top (there are four sizes to choose from), the Brush-T enables a very low-friction liftoff from the tee, resulting in what the company says are longer drives. We’re convinced it works, but arguably the most effective part of the Brush-T isn’t the bristles. Instead, every time a golfer tees the ball, they’re ensured the ball is not only the proper height, but also the same height every time. The result is more consistent golf shots with a few extra yards of distance. For more, visit www.brusht.com.

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