We’re Loving Callaway XR Golf Line

2016 Buyer's Guide



With both the XR16 Fairway Wood and its slightly smaller-headed sibling, Callaway says they’ve made “huge leaps in our industry-leading technology” — a design that’s bigger, hotter, and more forgiving with their lightest crown for even more ball speed and distance. Its larger footprint and more aerodynamic head shape gives golfers the confi dence and the technology to hit it long and straight., with an improved face cup — “hotter and thinner” — for high ball speed all across the face, added great turf interaction, and extra speed. This fairway wood looks easy to hit because it is easy to hit, and it’s highly versatile with a cambered sole to handle the shots that arise from all lies. For the Pro model, Callaway has improved the aerodynamics on its compact head shape to create even more head speed for ultimate ball speed. The XR16 is available in models from 3+ to 11 the Pro in lofts from 14 to 18 degrees.
Pricing: $249.99 each $229.99 for XR16, $249.99 for Pro



“Forgiveness Meets Fast” is the tagline for Callaway’s latest big sticks, which pretty much says it all. If the product’s name sounds rather, uh, supersonic, that’s by design. For the XR16 Driver, Callaway worked with the experts at Boeing to redefi ne what’s possible with ball speed and aerodynamics. They engineered their most forgiving shape ever and Boeing made it fast with a re-engineered Speed Step Crown. Both new driver models have a high speed head and lower drag in the crown to add ball speed. They’re extremely forgiving from the larger shape for more MOI, a stretched out crown with a bigger footprint, and a center of gravity that’s lower and deeper. For the Pro version they added all that together with lower spin and a more neutral CG bias into a 450cc head. This is a remarkably fast and forgiving driver for players who already get a lot of distance off the tee. For more ball speed all across the face, Callaway added they next generation R*MOTO face that’s lighter and up to 19 percent thinner. And golfers can choose from a wide selection of noupcharge shaft options to fi t their swing speed. The Pro comes stock with a Tour Proven Fujikura Evolution II TS 665 Shaft, or you can choose from a selection of shafts to fi nd the one that fi ts your swing speed.


For the XR OS Irons, Callaway took its industry-leading face cup technology, made the cup even faster, and put it into a wider sole design that’s easier to hit and more forgiving — a real confi – dence-builder. Thanks to a lower, further back center of gravity and progressive lengths and lofts through the set, they’re easy to launch and easy to pick up distance for players (men or women) who want to add ball speed and hit the ball farther. And with the club’s multi-piece construction they’ve implemented a new heat treatment in the face cup for even more ball speed, with a soft heat treatment on the body for better feel. To help golfers hit the ball even farther off each club, they’ve included progressive lengths and lofts through the set — including specifi cally designed hybrids that replace straightforward irons in the longer clubs. For women who want to add distance, they offer clubs graphite shafts, and lighter swingweights.
$799.99- $899.99



The XR OS Hybrids are designed to perfectly complement the XR OS Irons, and they’ll give players an extreme amount of forgiveness and great ball fl ight trajectories. Callaway has combined its industry-leading, category-defi ning face cup for high ball speeds and maximum distance, more versatility, and a larger head shape to get the most forgiveness and great launch with more draw bias. They used a larger head to create higher MOI for maximum forgiveness and increased confi dence over the ball. It’ll produce good shots from all lies thanks to a keeled utility sole. The women’s model has wider soles, graphite shafts, lighter swingweights, and lengths and lofts built for their swing speed so they can hit the ball farther.



The new Chrome Soft takes a ball that has completely redefi ned golf ball performance and elevates it to another level. It has the proprietary Dual SoftFast Core for fast ball speed from the driver, 4-piece construction leading to even more control throughout the bag, low compression for extremely soft feel, and a Tour urethane vover. It lets you compress the ball on iron shots for incredibly soft feel, and gives you more spin and pinpoint accuracy with the scoring clubs. And optimized HEX Aerodynamics makes the ball fl ight even better in all conditions. With Chrome Soft, you’re getting more ball speed off the tee, more control from your scoring clubs, plus the softness.
$39.99 per dozen


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