Big Max Quattro Pushes Cart Envelope

Big Max Quattro cartGerman (OK, Austrian) engineering isn’t just the province of car or airplane manufacturers, and the new, lightweight-and-compact but full-featured Big Max Quattro Blade four-wheeled push cart (or “trolley,” as the Euros would say) proves it.

Vienna-based Big Max broke into the American market in 2014 with a strong line of carts, bags and accessories, but the Blade Quattro is another fairway warrior altogether, weighing in at well under 15 pounds and folding to 10-inches-flat in seconds flat, with the pull of two levers. The two smaller front wheels and larger rear wheels, all made of solid rubber, snap off in seconds, reducing the unit’s overall storage size to rear-of-that-Porsche worthy.

But the fun happens when you pull the levers the other direction to open Big Max in full — it can handle stand bags and cart bags equally thanks to adjustable, stretchy cord connectors, and the storage capabilities near the height-adjustable handle are as generous as we’ve seen; you can attach an umbrella, a towel your stand-alone GPS device and a can of your favorite beverage to the handle itself and still have plenty of room to stash the smart phone, balls and markers, scorecard, tees, gloves and whatever else you want close at hand in the padded mesh pocket. There are stand-along clips and holders for cards and tees, as well, and the unit even comes with a scoring pencil. Because you do keep score every time you hit the links, right?

And no doubt you want to walk through your rounds when possible, which means that you definitely need your own back-saving conveyance. That’s why this new product is such a fitness-inducing winner. Fully loaded, Big Max remains stable, very tough to tip over even on steep hills. It’s a beast, but a well-balanced beast. As you’d expect from our European friends.

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