Showcase: Titleist & Cobra Go Big

Titleist and Cobra, though owned by the same parent company, are equipment manufacturers that have had quite different design philosophies in the past. Titleist has always been known for tradition and performance, while Cobra products are normally associated with more progressive looks and distance-oriented performance. Today both companies offer multiple, super-premium driver models for a wide range of players, including both Tour professionals and avid recreational players. If you’re looking for a new big dog and you’re a strong, accomplished player who likes to work the ball, we highly recommend you take a close look at Cobra’s Speed Pro models (the D features a deep face design, while the S is slightly shallower), as well as Titleist’s handsome 907D2. If you’re an avid player who’s looking for less in the way of workability and more in terms of forgiveness, check out Cobra’s LD line and the Titleist 907D1.

Titleist 460cc Traditional Geometry
Despite what appears to be a “normal” shape, the 907D2 features an enhanced MOI for increased distance with more workability than the D1 model.

Multi-Material Design
Features a combination of a lightweight 6061 T6 milled aluminum hosel, a high-speed SP700 beta titanium alloy face insert and cast 6-4 titanium body.

Low Mass Crown And Hosel
A lightweight crown and hosel are designed to distribute weight to optimum areas of the clubhead, lowering the CG for improved feel and better energy transfer.

Tapered Face Insert
The face insert is thinner at the top (near the crown) to promote high-launch and low-spin characteristics for maximum ballspeed and distance.

460cc Maximum Triangular Geometry
The triangular shape creates greater efficiency and effectively pushes the USGA and R&A limits for MOI to produce increased forgiveness on both heel and toe and high and low face hits. A large maximum ballspeed area provides added distance.

Cobra Square-To-Open Face Alignment
For more accomplished players, the Speed Pro series features clubface angles that aren’t draw biased. This allows better players to release the club freely with increased shotmaking ability.

Integrated Swing Weight Screw
Allows the Speed Pro drivers to be customized for desired swing weight at the factory. The location of the screw helps create a neutral ball flight and optimizes CG location._Ê

High MOI
According to Cobra engineers, the LD driver has an inertial value of 5000. This translates into higher ballspeeds, even on off-center hits, as well as more consistent spin rates and launch conditions. For the recreational player, the result is longer and straighter drives with significantly greater regularity.

Fastback Crown With Dimples
The deep dimples in the crown, as well as a relatively steep slope from front to back, moves the CG even deeper in the clubhead. An extremely thin crown section further increases the MOI and makes the LD easy to launch high in the air._Ê

Limit Dimensions
Cobra engineers pushed the dimensions of the LD driver to USGA limits (5×5 inches) in order to move the CG location as low and deep as possible. The result is an extremely high MOI for maximum forgiveness, a high launch angle and a slight draw bias.

Big Face With Milled Dual-Rhombus Insert
At 4.75×2.4 inches, the Speed LD has one of the largest clubfaces in the game, making it a hard target to miss, even for the wildest swingers. A milled, dual-rhombus face insert increases both forgiveness and ballspeed across the entire clubface._Ê

Cobra LD
list price: $375

Cobra Speed Pro

list price: $480

Titleist 907D1, 907D2

list price: $500

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