Showcase: Taylormade Burner

Triangular Shape
This shape not only adds confidence at address, but also allows for the CG to be positioned away from the clubface. In the High Launch model, this is helpful in creating a consistently high, low-spin shot type. The Burner High Launch fairway wood is the largest TaylorMade steel fairway wood ever made. The Tour Launch model features a more compact head shape and a CG location that’s closer to the face for more Tour-like performance.

Dual Crown Technology
This unique design feature was engineered to help produce more discretionary weight in the clubhead. By making the crown of the club significantly smaller than the oversized sole, designers can position more weight lower and deeper in the clubhead, resulting in a lower and deeper CG location.

Ultra-Thin Wall Technology
Yet another way for TaylorMade engineers to move weight to lower and deeper areas of the clubhead, Ultra-Thin Wall technology allows clubhead walls to be made extremely thin (.55 millimeters in some areas). By taking weight out of the upper portions of the clubhead and repositioning it in more useful locations, launch angle, spin rate and forgiveness are optimized.
Draw Bias
_È_The Burner Rescue Hybrid High Launch is designed with a shallower face and deeper CG location as well as a slight draw bias. The draw bias not only helps fight slicing, but also promotes a higher ballflight. In contrast, the Tour Launch model features a deeper face profile and slight fade bias for a more piercing ballflight.
Superfast Technology
In an effort to help players produce increased swing speed, all Burner woods are fitted with specially designed composite shafts and grips. The High Launch models come with 60-gram shafts and 47-gram grips, while the Tour Launch models are fitted with 85-gram shafts and 52-gram grips.

The company that’s credited by many as a pioneer of the hybrid revolution with the introduction of the original Rescue model is back at it again, this time with new hybrids and fairway woods. Both new series of clubs are part of the company’s Burner family, led by the highly successful Tour Burner driver. Like the driver, the fairway woods and hybrids showcase TaylorMade’s Dual Crown technology, which creates a crown that’s significantly smaller than the sole of the club. This design element, combined with TaylorMade’s Ultra-Thin Wall technology allows for an extremely low and deep CG location. The result is a club that’s easy to get airborne with a relatively low rate of spin (the desired combination for distance). Available in High and Tour Launch models, the new Burner Fairway Woods and Rescue Hybrids also utilize TaylorMade’s SuperFast technology for faster swing speed. All Burner woods are available with premium aftermarket shaft options and a variety of custom fitting options.

Inset Photo
In the photos below, you can clearly see the Dual Crown technology, which features a sole that’s significantly larger than the crown (notice the elongated toe region of the clubhead). In addition, you can see that the fairway wood (above) and hybrid (below), both of which are High Launch models, have relatively shallow face designs. Combined with a low and deep CG, this provides plenty of forgiveness and the high-launch, low-spin conditions needed for distance.





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  1. I purchased the Burner Rescue burner hybrid this week and I can say without a doubt during my first trek to the driving range to give it a go, this club was fantastic out of the gate. I was able to hit the ball not only farther but straighter right out of the box. The club seemed to just fall into your hands without a second thought. With out changing a singe thing to my stroke I was able to increase my drive on average 15 yards. I am so impressed with this club I have recommended it to my friends on the course and with a little persuasion I have even let a couple try it with matched success. Thank you Taylormade for thinking of us little guys who might not be the best on the course but who is now the best in the office. Where it counts. THANKS AGAIN…

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