LOHLA SPORT, Annika ‘Link’ Up

Just seven years ago, female on- and off-course participants represented 27% of the domestic golf population.  Nowadays, it’s nearing 50% growth, shifting the female-male ratio to roughly 30/70.

Perhaps even more impressive, reports show more than 70% of female golfers stick with the game for more than a year after first teeing it up.

That’s where Lisa O’Hurley comes in.  In late 2021, she founded LOHLA SPORT upon realizing the amazing trajectory of her demographic.  O’Hurley also kept hearing a common refrain among women golfers that aligned with her thinking:

“I believe golf attire could be comfortable, stylish, flattering and alluring without being overtly sexy.”

And, voila, LOHLA SPORT, the burgeoning premium ladies golf apparel brand, was born with obvious chops dotting O’Hurley’s resume. Her father is a longtime country club general manager, she started playing golf in high school and was actually recruited to play Division One golf at Baylor University. O’Hurley also worked at Golf Channel in its early days, directed GOLFINO’s U.S. ladies apparel business and to this day, is a four-handicap. 

LOHLA SPORT combines the Lisa O’Hurley name (“LOH”) with her hometown Los Angeles flair that’s blended with on-trend European designs in each garment.  An impeccable sense of style is injected into colorful, tops, bottoms, skorts and outerwear in coordinated collections.  Let’s add comfortable, stylish, playful and classy to the mix.

With SKU upon SKU immediately shipped to more than 200 of the finest golf shops in the land, LOHLA SPORT also attracted attention from the best female golfer of all time.

Annika Sorenstam kept hearing about LOHLA SPORT in golf and country club circles.  She then connected with O’Hurley – the two have known each other for decades – to try the clothes.  Her unwavering take from the get-go:

“This is exactly what I want with my active lifestyle.”

From there, logically, a partnership was created whereby Annika will exclusively wear LOHLA SPORT apparel at golf tournaments, events and elsewhere.

In addition to playing competitive golf in a comeback of sorts, Annika is like most women.  She’s a mom who shuttles her kids to sports practices and games, feverishly practices and takes to the course, runs the ANNIKA FOUNDATION and participates in corporate and social functions.  With LOHLA SPORT’s versatility, she doesn’t waste time changing outfits.  Sporty yet feminine indeed, from the links to the boardroom and everything between.

That’s high praise from a winner in golf and life, and an inspiration to all, who could’ve selected any women’s apparel brand to create her new fashion look.  Some styles Annika will showcase:

-The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant – Worn stand-alone (akin to a workout tight) or under skorts in the fall for added warmth and décor, it is purposely thicker and outfitted with back pockets, becoming the perfect golf-yoga pant. Its back pockets make it country club-appropriate.

-The “Very Pant” – The four-pocket, full, four-way stretch is offered in several colors. It was inspired by the J. Peterman character in the TV hit “Seinfeld,” indicating specificity of the surreal or sublime. The famous line “The Very Pant I’ve been searching for all my life” is part of sitcom lore.

Then there’s the upcoming LOHLA SPORT 2022 Spring-Summer Collection featuring five amazing and colorful capsules: (1) Rodeo Drive & Core; (2) Ocean Avenue; (3) Hollywood Boulevard; (4) Sunset Boulevard; and (5) Melrose Place.  Get it, famous streets in Tinseltown.

Not to be outdone, Annika will help create a bespoke signature collection for release in fall 2022. Part proceeds will benefit the ANNIKA Foundation that provides playing opportunities at golf’s junior, collegiate and professional levels while teaching young people the importance of healthy and active lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.

By her side at the design table is O’Hurley and London-based Chief Designer Paul Rees, formerly Burberry and Aquascutum fame.  Another ardent support is Lisa’s husband, John O’Hurley, an avid golfer and actor know for his roles in “Seinfeld” (fictional character J. Peterman), “Chicago” (Broadway lead) and Family Feud (host).

So, let’s get this right:  Relatively new, ladies’ premium golf brand conquering the golf, country club and resort market almost overnight.  The most celebrated female golfer seeks out LOHLA SPORT.  Designs incorporating the best qualities of Europe and L.A. fashion.  Sizes XXS to XXL made from fine-quality fabrics sources worldwide which optimize athletic movement.

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