Pop ‘em off your head, then fold and slide for compact storing. It’s that easy with the high-performance Popticals sunglasses designed specifically for golfers.

The innovative Popticals has partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to create nylon-based NYDEF® lenses that are 20% clearer and lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses. Additionally, they feature purple and violet tints to help reduce the green saturation of golf courses and unleash the golfers’ ability to distinguish between green gradients to identify course contours and variations on every shot…even grain patterns on greens!

Popticals golf performance eyewear, available in seven different frame styles, is intentionally non-polarized by design to avoid flattening images and preserve depth perception. By taking advantage of its patented FL2 Micro-Rail System™ design, Popticals snap into place for use and then collapse into a uniquely compact size for safe and secure portability in their protective hard case, fitting comfortably in a jacket or the smallest pocket of a golf bag.

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